Vi Unveils Weekend Data Rollover Benefit to Prepaid Users

Vi has rolled out a ‘Weekend Data Rollover’ benefit for the users who subscribe to prepaid plans with the denomination of Rs 249 and more


Vi (Vodafone Idea) is now offering its prepaid users ‘Weekend Data Rollover’ benefit. The company highlighted that its new promotional offer would be valid from October 19, 2020 to January 17, 2021. The Weekend Data Rollover scheme is said to be only applicable on unlimited prepaid plans priced at Rs 249 or more. It will allow the users to carry forward all the unused data between Monday and Friday to the weekends. Using the saved data, users can enjoy HD streaming and more downloading on weekends when they are generally free from office work. However, it has to be noted that the accumulated data over the weekdays will expire once the weekend is over. More on the story ahead.

Vi Allowing Prepaid Users to Accumulate Unused Data for Weekends

The ‘Weekend Data Rollover’ benefit will be available to users for no additional cost. As highlighted above, the scheme is applicable to those users who recharge with any of the plans priced at Rs 249 and above.

For example, Let’s say a user has a plan wherein he/she gets 2GB daily data. On Monday, out of the 2GB, he/she only used 1GB. On the following days as well, the user consumed the same amount of data. This would mean that on the weekend, the user will have an extra 5GB of data to download and stream on top of daily quota.

Vi has not put any caps on the amount of data that can be accumulated for the weekend. So if the user is essentially not using his/her data at all over the week, he/she will be eligible to get the complete leftover data at the end of the week.

“For utilizing the benefit of roll-over data for UL packs near expiry, customers need to recharge within pack validity,” the operator highlighted on its terms and conditions page. “Customers recharging within pack validity will be able to accumulate and carry forward the daily data benefit of Unlimited packs which are expiring or expired. In-case customer doesn’t recharge within pack validity, they will forfeit the accumulated data.”

To check the amount of data that has been accumulated for the user, he/she can head to the Active Packs & Services section of the mobile app of Vi. Another way of doing so is by using the SSD code *199#.

The users subscribed to double data prepaid plans from Vi will also get the benefit of accumulated data for the weekend. In case a user’s plan is about to expire and there is accumulated data in the user’s account, then he/she needs to recharge again without any delay. If there is a gap between the new recharge with an eligible plan and the expiry of the old plan, the accumulated data will be forfeited.

Vi has highlighted prepaid data vouchers eligible for weekend data roll over scheme

The Weekend data rollover scheme is said to be applicable on multiple entry level prepaid plans such as Rs 249, Rs 297, Rs 299, Rs 398, Rs 399, Rs 599, Rs 299, Rs 449, Rs 699 and Rs 595. Further, the top-tier prepaid packs including Rs 795, Rs 819, Rs 1197, Rs 2399 and Rs 2595 are also said to be applicable for the weekend data roll over scheme.

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