Reliance Jio, BBNL Boost Network Infrastructure in Uttarakhand

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Network connection during the pandemic has become an essential need, especially considering how most tasks have moved online due to the same. From schools to business to multinational companies to the smallest of shops, most of them rely on the internet to converse with others and get their tasks done.

In areas that might be in the midst of secure land or near national borders, this is an issue that might plague them from day one due to the lack of network towers, and, in 2021, that is simply not feasible. Today, Reliance Jio decided to address this issue by doing something for people living in border villages.

It was announced on Friday evening that Jio mobile towers had been erected in several border villages of the Dharchula sub-division, which can allow to improve mobile network connectivity as well as reduce the dependence of locals on mobile networks of the neighbouring country of Nepal, as per officials.

What Else Do We Know About The Setup

Furthermore, Mr Dharchula SDM A K Shukla stated that the Bharat Broadband Network Ltd is providing a VSAT communication network in order to provide internet facility to the residents who are located in the Himalayan villages that are located above 8,000 feet where  Jio towers are not able to work.

He also said that the mobile towers of the Jio company are functioning at several places located in the Dharchula sub-division, reducing their prior dependence on Nepali networks.

As per the SDM, all of the 35 villages from where locals usually migrate during the summer can benefit from the improved mobile and Internet connectivity in the area. The villagers have also complained of weak and fragmented signals at times in the past.

Puran Pandey, a resident of Johar Valley, said that villagers in the remotest Namik village have to gather at a hilltop to talk to their friends and family as the newly installed Jio tower has no signal in their village.

To tackle this, improved mobile and Internet connectivity in border areas is key as it can help repopulate the depleting border villages and provide them with a medium of contact.

Shalu Datal, another local, said that with better communication facilities, residents of usually abandoned villages near the Indo-China border might return home and stay there throughout the course of the year.

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