Reliance Jio Users in Odisha Will See Better 4G Speeds From Now

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Reliace Jio Odisha

One of India's top telcos, Reliance Jio, with the intention of enhancing subscriber experience in the state of Odisha revealed on Friday that it had successfully completed deployment of an additional 20 MHz spectrum which had been acquired in the recent spectrum auctions.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd or RJIL announced back in March that it had successfully acquired the right to use spectrum in the 22 circles across India in between the recently concluded spectrum auctions that had been conducted by the Department of Telecommunications or DoT.

The company had acquired additional spectrums in bands such as 800, 1800MHz and 2300MHz. In the state of Odisha, Jio had acquired an additional 20 MHz spectrum consisting of 5 MHz of 800MHz band, 5 MHz of 1800MHz band as well as 10 MHz of 2300 MHz band in the recent spectrum auction as per a company statement.

What Has Jio Done in Odisha

Now, Jio has gone ahead to deploy all of the three spectrums across 10,000+ network sites that are spread across the state. Post this, the total bandwidth available with Jio for usage in the state of Odisha will be 60 MHz including 10 MHz each in the 800 and 1800 MHz, as well as 40MHz in the 2300 MHz band.

The company believes that spectrum augmentation of this magnitude will definitely allow it to enhance the network and user experience manifold for the entire Jio subscriber base in Odisha. This is also a timely addition, considering the pandemic situation and curtailed movements, lockdowns as students and professionals will be able to seamlessly carry out their tasks from the safety of their homes.

The enhanced connectivity, speed and experience will be of great help to the health sector and frontline workers as well who are working relentlessly to try and contain this pandemic.

The company claims to have over 1.4 crore mobile subscribers in the state, alongside over 41 per cent of mobile subscribers in Odisha, the company also leads with over 50 per cent market share in gross revenue within the state as per a statement.

Furthermore, with increasing demand for 4G towers, Jio Odisha will be further expanding its 4G network in 2021, connecting several unconnected regions. As of now, Jio has over 10,000 true 4G network sites in the state, which is the largest 4G footprint within the same.

In case you missed it, Reliance Jio got hold of a total of 488.35MHz spectrum in 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2300MHz bands spread over 22 circles in the recent spectrum auction at a cost of Rs.57,123 crores for a span of 20 years.

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