Facebook Just Suspended Donald Trump Until 2023

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One of the biggest social media platforms around the world, Facebook, has just banned the account of Donal Trump on its platform for 2 more years. As per a Reuters report, the suspension will stay in place until at least 2023. The platform might extend the suspension even further, but there’s no clear word on it. Facebook has faced a lot of anger and fire from people who think the platform treats world leaders and politicians differently than the other users. However, the suspension of Donald Trump, the former president of the United States of America (USA), sends a strong signal to the whole world.

Facebook Won’t Take Issues Like Trump Created Lightly

For the unaware, Facebook had suspended the account of Donald Trump back in January 2021. This move was taken by the company in the wake of Trump’s actions that resulted in severe chaos in the U.S.

In a blog post, the company has said that it won’t take issues such as this lightly. Be it a world leader or a common person; the platform will treat each of its users with the same guidelines and policies.

The suspension of Donal Trump won’t be there for an indefinite period. Facebook will keep Trump’s account suspended until the time it feels that it is right to let him use his account again. Trump’s actions on social media were not right at all, and the whole world wanted his account to be taken down from several platforms.

With the role of social media growing in today’s world, political leaders and other influential people have started using it to spread agendas. This is why moves such as this are very important for the social media platforms like Facebook to send a message to everyone that regardless of who you are, if you don’t follow the rules and policies of the platform, your account will be banned or suspended.

It is worth noting that Donald Trump has become the first big political leader in the world to be blocked by Facebook. The social media platform has never blocked a political leader of the magnitude of a president, head of state, or a prime minister ever. Facebook might extend the suspension of Trump’s account even further than 2023.

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