UScellular Expands Portfolio With NetCloud Private Networks by Cradlepoint

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UScellular Expands Portfolio With NetCloud Private Networks by Cradlepoint
Chicago-based UScellular has added NetCloud Private Networks from Cradlepoint, a part of Ericsson, to expand its portfolio of private cellular solutions. The company already provides Ericsson Private 5G and Ericsson's Mission Critical Networks, and with this addition, UScellular aims to cater to a broader range of customers across various sectors.

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Simplifying Private Networks

Some existing private cellular network ecosystems are pieced together from different providers, requiring additional training and agreements. NetCloud Private Networks is an end-to-end solution for private cellular networks, eliminating the complexities associated with piecing together ecosystems from multiple providers.

This simplification streamlines the process of building and managing private networks, offering seamless visibility across the entire network for enterprise IT teams, explained UScellular.

"With the addition of NetCloud Private Networks to our portfolio, we can better address business challenges for customers of all sizes to connect business, industry, and mission-critical applications," said UScellular. "The agility, flexibility, and scalability of NetCloud Private Networks help improve coverage, security, mobility, and reliability for applications where Wi-Fi may not be enough."

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Enhancing Connectivity

NetCloud Private Networks supports enterprises that need more scalable, reliable, and secure connectivity beyond traditional Wi-Fi solutions. Targeting environments such as warehouses, logistics facilities, manufacturing plants, and retail operations, the solution promises to enhance connectivity, improve safety, and boost operational efficiency, the official release said.

As the fourth-largest full-service US wireless carrier, UScellular provides a range of solutions, including public/private hybrid networks, MVNO models, localised data (also known as CUPS), and custom VPN approaches. By adding NetCloud Private Networks to their portfolio, UScellular can now provide organisations with local network coverage and address their reliability and security challenges.

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