Triple Play Broadband Plans: What are They and How They Differ from Standard Plans?

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If there is one industry which has undergone a massive change this year, it has to be the wired broadband segment. This year, because of the arrival of the competition, the broadband sector in India has gone through a total revamp, and as a courtesy, we are getting to see a massive reboot of plans from the operators as well. Gone are the days when the operators used to ship a little data with select speed options and no freebies. Now similar to prepaid and postpaid plans, the broadband plans also come with lots of freebies as well. The creation of this new kind of wired fibre-based plan has also led to something known as the “Triple Play Plan” which ships three services under its tag. This is how the triple play plans work.

What Actually are Triple Play Plans?

The Triple Play plans, as the name suggests, come bundled with three services. It is easy to get misguided with the name of Triple Play and to understand a totally different meaning for Triple Play while considering this definition. However, simply put, the Triple Play means that a particular broadband offering comes with a total of three bundled services which includes DTH, landline and a wired broadband offering. Coincidentally, the term was first used by Reliance Jio only which introduced the Triple Play plan in the pre-JioFiber launch period when it introduced the Triple Play plan for Jio employees. That was the first time that Reliance Jio had availed a Triple Play plan out in the market.

How Do Triple Play Plans Differ from Normal Broadband Offerings

There is an increasing trend in the market these days, wherein, the line between Triple Play plans and the ‘normal’ broadband plan is being blurred. The Triple Play plan is easily identifiable these days as it would be available with all the three services like DTH, broadband and landline. JioFiber currently remains one of the prime examples of this service as the telco offers all the three services. It is also worth noting that currently, Reliance Jio does not go all the way in while it comes to DTH services, as although it avails a free set-top box to the users, the subscribers are compelled to find an LCO separately for their connection. But, the landline and the fibre-based wired service is something that the users get with the connection for sure.

Operators Providing Triple Play Plans

As opposed to this, in a standard broadband connection, the subscribers do not get access to the extra services. While the landline becomes the necessity sometimes in the case of broadband, the DTH connection is missed out on these broadband offerings that are not Triple Play. It is also crucial to note that Reliance Jio’s JioFiber is not the only notable name in this segment when it comes to Triple Play plans. Since the LCOs and the MSOs enjoy very prominent last-mile connectivity, and they also have the necessary resources to deploy a cable TV or DTH connection, they are better positioned to offer a Triple Play plan.

As a result, some operators like Asianet and BSNL in the Kerala region are also offering Triple Play plans. The subscribers of these cable TV companies can reach out to them to get a bundled offering wherein, they get all the three services - DTH, landline and wired broadband in a single package. In other circles as well, other service providers are live with their own Triple Play Plans.

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