TRAI’s Quarterly report (July to September 2015) suggests Airtel’s 2G performed the best in Maharashtra and Mumbai

By March 10th, 2016 AT 1:53 PM

The Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicators for the quarter ending September 2015 reviews telecom operators on Quality of Service of Cellular Mobile Service including ‘Network Availability, Accessibility, Retain ability and Point to Interconnection (POI)’ ‘Call Set-Up Success Rate’ ‘Connection with Good Voice Quality’.


Telecom regulator TRAI’s report for quarter ending September 2015 suggests that Airtel offered the best quality 2G mobile network in Mumbai and Maharashtra in that period. The Quality of service encompasses various parameters including Network Availability, Accessibility, Retain ability and Point to Interconnection (POI)’ ‘Call Set-Up Success Rate’ ‘Connection with Good Voice Quality’.

According to the TRAI report, Airtel received more than 99.95% and 99.87% ‘Call Set-Up Success Rate’ exceeding the benchmark set by TRAI of more than 95% in Mumbai and Maharashtra respectively. On the parameter of ‘Connection with Good Voice Quality’ in Mumbai and Maharashtra, Airtel recorded 97.42% and 98.73% respectively ahead of TRAI’s benchmark. The company has attributed the achievement to its measures taken up to augment the network and services under the Project Leap program and introduction of the next generation 3G and 4G services in the region.

The quality of services being offered by the telcos have come under great criticism over the last one year, closely monitored by the sector regulator and the Department of Telecommunication. The introduction of newer technologies including 4G and proliferation of 3G and Voice services in the markets have put a great pressure on the telcos to augment and support their network through quality service delivery and immediate redressal to ensure uptake and retaining customers on their networks.

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