How to Toggle Privacy Settings on Telegram

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Telegram has grown apprehensively ever since the WhatsApp privacy policy controversy. The current count of monthly active users is expected to be around 500 hundred million for the application. Telegram has a wide range of privacy policy that caters to need of the users who tend to keep a low profile on the app.

Telegram allows its users to change the privacy settings, hide their contact and profile picture. Users can also hide their name to go by their username only. The app enables the user to hide their last seen and online information as well. Also, one can be ensured that no random users can add them to any group. To learn more about Telegram privacy settings, read till the end.

Steps to Change Privacy Settings

To hide your contact and profile, open the Telegram app and go to privacy and security. Select the phone number option, then select my contacts option or nobody if you want to hide it completely. To set a username, go to the settings and select the username option. Type the username of your choice. And then select the tick mark to confirm.

To hide your profile picture, go to the privacy and security and select ‘profile photos’ and then click on my contacts and finish the process by clicking on apply. To hide your last seen and online status from the privacy options, select last seen and online and click on ‘nobody’.

To prevent anyone from adding you to groups, go to the privacy and security option and select the ‘groups’ option and set it to ‘my contacts’. This will prevent anyone other than your contacts to add you to any groups.

More Things to Know About Telegram

As per reports that surfaced on the internet, 32% of respondents use Telegram to send critical or secret messages. Also, Telegram has the ability to let more number of participants than WhatsApp to join a group.

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