5 Tips That Will Instantly Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

By June 29th, 2018 AT 4:45 PM

Even with large batteries and power-efficient chips, smartphones sometimes struggle through a lot of problems and in some cases, they barely get through a day of work thanks to the latest technology and high-tech displays which drain the battery very fast. These days most phone comes with non-removable lithium-ion batteries which are mostly in the 3000mAh range. The lithium-ion batteries struggle with low voltage problems, as such experts recommend that users should charge them partially (like from 20% to 80%) and not fully discharge them or fully charge them. Below we have discussed five such tips which will help you preserve the power on your smartphone.


‘Lite’ Version Applications
Companies usually develop simple, stripped down version of the full-fledged apps calling them the ‘lite’ version. These apps are made for the users who suffer from slow internet issues, or memory tantrums on their smartphones. As such, these applications are less taxing on the RAM, storage and battery as well. While Facebook and Messenger both offer Lite version of their apps, many other applications are also rolling out their lite versions for the users who might not be able to spare more RAM or storage for these apps. We recommend that you use these less resource-taxing apps to save on the battery.


Turn Off Adaptive Brightness
Using adaptive brightness on your phone might mean that you are letting your screen stay brighter than it’s required to be. Manually setting the brightness, on the other hand, will ensure that it is set up according to your needs, and the bright screen won’t draw more power than needed. To change the auto-adjustment of brightness on the phone, head over to Settings, then to Display and toggle off the adaptive brightness option.


Turn Off Vibration and Haptic Feedback
Vibration actually is more taxing on the battery than ringing. Therefore, constant notifications and the haptic feedback which you get while typing might really be a cause of concern if you are aiming for good battery life. To turn off haptic feedback, you can navigate to your keyboard settings and toggle off the ‘vibrate on touch’ option. Similarly, to turn off vibration, you can go to the ‘Sound and Notifications’ panel in the settings and turn it off.


Update Your Apps
Not keeping your Play Store apps updated might mean that you are letting the apps suck on more battery than required. Most of the updates that developers release are targeted towards memory or battery optimisations. Therefore, it is advisable that users keep their apps up to date. Also, you can ensure that your installed applications are optimised for battery by heading over to Settings> Battery and then tweaking the battery optimisation settings.

Use Black Wallpaper
Most phones these days sport an AMOLED display. The characteristic about AMOLED displays is that the black pixels on the screen remain unlit unless required otherwise, the AMOLED screens only illuminate the colour pixels. Therefore, the darker/black pixels there are on the screen the less battery your display would consume. You can download an all-black wallpaper from the internet, as there are plenty available online, then you can head over to Settings > Display to change the wallpaper of your phone.

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Majority phones from the chinese crap companies, sony and lg have the useless IPS LCD display.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
Nikhil Mumbai-Pune

LG V30 have OLED display.Go to JFK airport. You will see what LG produces. Use LG G7 you will LG produces. Don’t do drama here.

Nikhil Mumbai-Pune
Nikhil Mumbai-Pune

You will see*


See the specs of LG G3 to G6. And tell now. E rum a i.

Sandeep Bansal, Manipal
Sandeep Bansal, Manipal

Battery lfe of Chinese phones is much better than Sammy crap, which takes 3 hours to charge…


Turn off GPS , sync , Bluetooth.

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