Tikona Starts Allowing Users To Test Its Services Before Buying

The ever mounting competition has prompted the broadband service providing company Tikona to come up with a new offer. As per the reports, it has started allowing the users to test its speed and network before they actually buy it. The decision has been taken to ensure that the users can have 100% faith in Tikona’s lucrative offers and broadband plans.


It’s not the first time when Tikona Digital Networks has taken a consumer friendly decision. Recently the company launched a few data plans which were as good as the plans of any other broadband service provider in Indian Telecom Industry.

Tikona Networks was founded in year 2008 by some of the industry veterans, and within a few years it has expanded to over 25 cities across India.
Some of the awards that the company has grabbed in this short duration include Economic Times Telecom Award 2013, Global Telecoms Business Innovations Award 2012, Voice and Data Leadership Award, New Delhi 2012, VARINDIA Star Nite Awards, New Delhi, 2011, etc.

Letting users test the device and service before paying for it is something most of the companies in broadband market don’t do; hence, Tikona has paved the way for a new concept in the industry. It will be great to see how the company continues this offer in the future.

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Gopi Shyamen
December 15, 2015 5:07 pm 5:07 PM

Best ISP in Mumbai right now because of mainly the speeds that it offers. Imagine 4 MBps at less than 3000 a month. I mean like, it’s crazy, right? I suggest do not pay heed to all those reviews and just try it for one month. I bet you will extend the service with yearly plans…

December 15, 2015 7:01 pm 7:01 PM

No Reliance in Mumbai??? They are giving 4 Mbps without capping at 1099 per month.

June 15, 2015 11:45 am 11:45 AM

its only a trap to get new victims, worst service don’t buy tikona u will suffer a lot. tikona service is pathetic

May 23, 2015 8:51 pm 8:51 PM

I used Tikona for a year and initially their service was quite good but as soon as their customers increased, there was a lot of downtime and slow speed issues. Also the equipment they use for receiver are really cheap and poor quality always giving RTO error even if the base station was in direct line of sight and in range. So it was a patchy service. I guess if you have no other option you can try it, sometimes it might work well. I was on 4 Mbps plan and usually got the promised speed.