This Feature by Google Will Make Using a Pixel Camera Even More Fun

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Google's Pixel series has been one of the most popular yet underwhelming series of devices in terms of net sales, losing out not only to primary competitors like Samsung and Apple but also to lower brands like Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi. Despite this, the devices from the Android provider offer amazing features, one of them being a great camera.

The Pixel lineup, be it the flagship Pixel 5 or the budget 4a offers an amazing camera, be it a dual-camera setup or a single camera, the company seems to have a magical potion that it applies to its devices to allow for cameras that can trade blows with devices that might cost twice as much, if not more.

Now, it has been revealed that Google is working on a new feature that could make the pre-existing astrophotography mode on the Pixel series of devices much cooler. XDA Developers have found evidence of a new Astrotimelapse feature, which might be something that could revolutionise night-mode photography, especially astrophotography.

Google's Upcoming Astrotimelapse Feature Seems Pretty Cool

The feature was spotted in the latest Pixel Tips app running the version v3.4.0.373287606. Google has been known to roll out updates to its Pixel Tips app a couple of days prior to a feature drop related update, so it might be so that the new Astrotimelapse feature will arrive alongside the June Feature Drop applicable for all the Pixel phones that have support for Astrophotography mode.

As of now, there are no details regarding the name, but, by the unique yet simplistic moniker, we can fathom that the upcoming feature will allow the Pixel users to shoot and capture timelapse videos of the night sky. In case you did not know, the Realme 8 Pro, a device that was launched earlier this year, already has a similar feature called "Starry Timelapse." on offer.

The only detail that has surfaced regarding this is in relation to the basic necessity for the feature, as the feature will require version 8.2.3 of the Google Camera app. As of the day of writing this article, the latest version of Google Camera is 8.2.2, so it looks like an update could start begin rolled out very soon.

Additionally, the latest Pixel Tips update will also include a "tip" in relation to the Locked Folder feature which was showcased initially during the Google I/O event held last month. The feature will be restricted to Pixel phones initially, but it could be provided to the best Android phones from certain brands in the near future.

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