The Long Awaited Chrome Extension for iCloud is Finally Here

Apple on Monday finally released an official extension meant for the Windows and Mac versions of Chrome, with a long-awaited feature that lets users use their passwords stored in their iCloud Keychain

By February 1st, 2021 AT 12:11 PM


On Monday, Apple finally released an official extension meant for the Windows and Mac versions of Chrome, with a long-awaited feature that lets users use their passwords stored in their iCloud Keychain. This comes at a time when the use of both Windows and Mac-based devices is at an all-time high when most tasks have moved online. It is a welcome addition to someone who uses the Chrome browser but takes the help of Apple’s iCloud keychain as a dedicated password manager as it makes the process of moving to and fro from Macs and Windows computers hassle-free.

This comes just days after Apple updated its iCloud for Windows application, which already provided hints at the future introduction of support for an extension that would enable the use of iCloud passwords via the Chrome browser on Windows. “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension” was also listed as a new feature despite the extension not having been released or announced.

For those of you wondering, the update also brought along with it improvements in the Folder Sharing user interface, making it quite a bit easier to access and share folders across supported platforms.

The release of the extension meant that if a user has used Safari in the past to generate strong passwords on other platforms automatically, those will now be available to them in Chrome when they are prompted by the browser for login. Passwords created in Chrome for Windows will also sync back to the iCloud meaning they will be available to access on iOS devices as well.

What is iCloud?

For any user who uses iOS or iCloud on their work computer or personal phone, iCloud for Windows is the perfect tool to bridge the gap between the different operating systems. The user base might consist of tons of users who own an iPad or iPhone but make use of a Windows PC for their work or personal use, as is the case with many professionals.

As for the use case of iCloud, the software allows the user to keep their photos, videos,  mail, calendar, files and other information in the cloud, up to date and accessible anytime on a Windows PC. The tool is not a simple feature, with some smart features bundled in, such as the ability to keep lightweight versions of images on one’s PC and syncing of bookmarks from other browsers to stay updated on Safari.

It is, for lack of a better word, the glue that binds together all your essential information, making it available to you at all times, regardless of the device and its operating system.

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