Here’s How You Can Temporarily Dismiss Netflix’s New Password Sharing Check

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Sharing a password is comparatively one of the better ways to access a high-definition OTT subscription as it gets cheaper while sharing than owning an individual account. It is a common practice around the world. Nearly users around the globe exchange their password for letting their friends or family members enjoy shows and movies on the OTT platforms. Netflix is aware of the common practice since it is one of the major reasons for revenue fall and slow addition of the new memberships.

To counter the practice, Netflix is beginning to take steps. Recently the OTT giant has enforced a new clause in its terms and conditions section stating an account “cannot be shared beyond the household.” However, it seems that the company’s block can be bypassed for now. Here’s how to do it, read till the end for a detailed guide.

Steps to Temporarily Dismiss Netflix’s Password Sharing Check

You will see three options at the bottom of the screen once the pop-up message is visible. The first option is ‘email code’ you can select this option and ask the owner of the account to share the code. You can simply enter the code, and you should be able to reuse the App.

In case the previous trick does not work, you can go for the next option that is ‘Text Code’. Again, you can ask for the code and resume using the streaming platform. If this too fails, you simply tap on ‘Verify Later’ that appears on the right side of the screen.

Few Other Things You Might Want to Know

Eventually, Netflix might disable or limit the ability to skip verification. Since the company is still testing options, future checks might get much more uncompromising or might also limit the number of times code is shared.

We do not endorse any methods or procedures to outcast official measures stated by Netflix in their terms and conditions section

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