Telenor Has Turned Off 3G Network in Denmark

Telenor has recently finished shutting down its nationwide 3G network as part of its strategy to allocate more space for 4G and 5G traffic. This move aims to improve Telenor's network speed, capacity, and stability in order to meet the growing data demands of Danes.


  • Telenor Denmark closed its nationwide 3G network to allocate spectrum to 4G and 5G networks.
  • Telenor Denmark is rolling out 5G and expects to complete the network rollout by the start of 2024.
  • Customers can still use 3G mobile phones for calls and texts, but data speeds are limited after the shutdown.

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Telenor Has Turned Off 3G Network in Denmark

Telenor, Denmark's second-largest telecommunications company and largest mobile network with over 4,200 mast positions across the country has closed its nationwide 3G network. This move is part of the company's plan to allocate the spectrum to the traffic on 4G and 5G and to meet the increasing data consumption of the Danish people.

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3G Network introduced users to Video Calls

The shutdown of the 3G network marks an important milestone in the company's work to upgrade and modernize its mobile network, which has introduced Danes to video calls and news broadcasts on their mobile phones.

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5G Rollouts

Telenor Denmark is in the process of rolling out 5G and has already upgraded 2500 of its masts with 5G. The telco expects to be on target with its network rollouts at the start of 2024.

With 5G, Telenor will be able to deliver speeds up to 10 times faster than today's speeds and ensure better call quality. Telenor Denmark also offers internet via 5G and a wireless router as an alternative to wired internet solutions.

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Phasing out of 3G Network

According to the statement, Telenor's phasing out of 3G began several years ago and has entailed many hours of work with customer communication, technical implementation, and coordination with suppliers and business partners. After the shutdown of the 3G Network, customers can use their 3G mobile phones to make calls and texts, but data speeds are very limited.

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