Tata Sky Adds 4 New Channels to its Platform in 3 Days

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Tata Sky, one of the largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operators in India has added four new channels to its platform in the past three days. The operator on Friday added Dhinchaak, a Hindi movie channel along with Power TV, a Kannada news channel and Manjari, a Odia general entertainment channel. Further, the DTH operator on Monday added Hindi devotional channel Ishwar TV to its platform. Tata Sky has introduced several new changes since the first week of June including modifications to its packages along with channel additions.

Tata Sky Adds Four New Channels to its Platform

Tata Sky subscribers can access Dhinchaak on channel 348 while Power TV, Manjari and Ishwar TV can be accessed on the channels 1652, 1777 and 1068 respectively.

It has to be noted that the four channels added by the DTH operator are part of the Tata Sky FTA complimentary pack.

The DTH operator offers the FTA Complimentary pack to all subscribers for no additional cost. The FTA Complimentary pack consists of 144 channels across multiple languages and genres. Crucially, the channels part of the FTA Complimentary pack are not considered for Network Capacity Fee (NCF) calculation. Further, Tata Sky enables subscribers to remove the FTA complimentary pack, if required.

Tata Sky Modifies Channel Packages

Meanwhile, the DTH operator has also sent a notification to its users that five channels would be dropped from its platform on June 29. The five channels include News World India, Abzy Movies, iLove Pen Studios, A1 TV and India Ahead.

In the first week of June, Tata Sky streamlined its FTA Complimentary pack with the operator removing 25 channels including India News Gujarat, India News Haryana, India News Punjab, and India News Rajasthan. While Tata Sky placed certain channels dropped from its FTA Complimentary pack on other FTA regional packs, the channels outside of the FTA Complimentary packs are subjected to NCF calculation.

Additionally, the operator is also said to have switched off certain channels to subscribers with packs priced under Rs 350 in a bid to cut monthly costs for the users.

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