Tata Sky Broadband 500 Mbps Plan With Unlimited Data Costs Rs 2,300 per Month

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tatasky-broadband-500mbps-plan-detailsTata Sky has been growing its broadband business quite aggressively over the last few years. Tata Sky Broadband now offers every kind of plan a customer would want. There is a super-high-speed plan of up to 1 Gbps and a plan with speed as low as 50 Mbps on the offering. Tata Sky Broadband offers a total of seven different broadband plans; one of those plans is a 500 Mbps plan. The 500 Mbps plan is an odd one since it is not the highest speed and the most expensive plan, and a majority of consumers don’t want it. So for the select few who want to know about the Tata Sky Broadband 500 Mbps plan, keep reading ahead.

Tata Sky Broadband 500 Mbps Plan Details

Tata Sky Broadband 500 Mbps plan comes for Rs 2,300 if the user is purchasing it every month. However, it is also available in the 3, 6, and 12 months option. For 3 months, the price of the plan is Rs 6,900 (Rs 2,300 per month), which is the same as its monthly cost.

But with 6 months and 12 months validity, users can save a lot. The 6 months plan comes for Rs 12,900 (Rs 2,150 per month); it will help you save Rs 150 per month for the 6 months, meaning a total discount of Rs 900.

The 12 months plan comes for Rs 24,600 (Rs 2,050 per month), which means you will save Rs 250 every month for 12 months, meaning a total discount of Rs 3,000.

The user is eligible to receive a free landline connection with the broadband plan. This plan comes with unlimited data where the fair usage policy (FUP) limit is 3.3TB or 3,300GB data. After consuming the FUP data, the speed for the user would drop to 3 Mbps.

Users are also eligible to receive free installation and a free router dual-band ONT + Wi-Fi router. It is worth noting that JioFiber's 500 Mbps plan is more expensive than this one on a monthly basis.

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