Tata Sky Offers 4K and +HD Set-Top Boxes for a Premium Experience, But Is the Price Worth It?

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While the Indian DTH industry has become more competitive over time, there has also come a new DTH winner in the scenario. For too long, Tata Sky has remained on the sidelines on the industry ranking on the second number but still continuing to provide great services to its subscribers. However, after the migration of subscribers from the DTH industry and the new tariff regime, Tata Sky surpassed Dish TV to become the number one DTH operator in the country after ranking second for a long time. That is because Tata Sky offers appreciable services to its customers, thus becoming the reasons for its more subscriber share. Tata Sky offers many Set-Top Boxes to its consumers, and among these options are the +HD Set-Top Box and the 4K Set-Top Box. Here, we take a look at both of these boxes.


Tata Sky Set-Top Boxes Start at Rs 1,099

In the lower rungs of the Tata Sky Set-Top Box portfolio, the subscribers are well aware of the Set-Top Boxes and the choices that they get which include the SD and the HD variants of the Set-Top Boxes. These boxes are available to the Tata Sky subscribers at a very affordable rate. While the SD variant of the Set-Top Box is available for Rs 1,099, the HD variant retails for Rs 1,299. But, beyond this price tag, Tata Sky offers two more Set-Top Box choices for the subscribers which include the +HD Set-Top Box and the 4K or the UHD Set-Top Box. Both of these Set-Top Boxes come with a very premium price tag, which makes the subscribers question are they worth all the spend.

Tata Sky 4K and +HD Set-Top Boxes

The 4K Set-Top Box by Tata Sky is available to the subscribers at the price of Rs 6,400. This Set-Top Box offers features like HDMI 2.0 for better frame rates, Dolby Digital Plus, which allows the users to experience 7.1 surround sound on the screen. This Set-Top Box also supports True Colour.

The +HD Set-Top Box by Tata Sky retails for Rs 9,300 which is an expensive price tag for any Set-Top Box out there. However, to justify this price tag, Tata Sky has bundled some exclusive features which are not available in the rest of the Set-Top Boxes. Out of all the features which the +HD Set-Top Box offers to the users, the TV show recording is what takes the highlight. The Tata Sky +HD Set-Top Box will allow you to record 3 shows simultaneously. To store these recorded shows, the Tata Sky +HD Set-Top Box comes with 500GB of hard-disk space. When it comes to additional features, Tata Sky also offers the rewind, forward and pause feature to the subscribers so that they can enjoy these TV shows at their own timing and without the worry of missing their favourite content. Lastly, the subscribers of this STB would enjoy Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Should You Buy Any of the Two Premium Tata Sky STBs?

Now the questions that most subscribers would ask is whether or not these Set-Top Boxes are worth the buy, to which our simple answer would simply be no. The reason for that is, because in a scenario where most people are quitting on their TV subscriptions because of the high costs of the channels and monthly subscriptions, investing a lot on a premium Set-Top Box for marginally better services would not be the ideal way to spend your money. However, if you would like to watch OTT content on your TV screen, then the combination of the Tata Sky HD Set-Top Box combined with the Tata Sky Binge service would be something that the subscribers would feel worth their money. The Tata Sky Binge service is priced at Rs 249 per month, and it offers an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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