Tata Sky Subscribers Can Bring Down Their Monthly Rental With the Optimisation Feature

Tata Sky has become the topmost DTH operator in the country, and there are many reasons why this has happened, and some include better services, attractive offers amongst others. But, in this list of services which the subscribers are liking, there is a new addition which the Tata Sky subscribers must be aware of. Now when it comes to offers, discounts and services, what attracts the customers the most to a particular service is that it is going to save them money or get them more benefits for the same amount and the new feature which can be used by the Tata Sky customers essentially does the former. Here, we are talking about the optimisation feature which Tata Sky has newly introduced for its customers. So, how does the new optimisation feature works for the Tata Sky customers? Let’s check it out.

Tata Sky Optimisation Feature Explained

The Tata Sky users will find the optimisation feature under the Manage Packs section as a small button when they go on to finalise their channel packs or individual channel selection. To check what really the optimisation feature does to your channel selection, you will have to either visit the My Tata Sky app or log in to the official website. Here on, then you will be asked to log in with your Tata Sky details after you are done with that, you will have to open to Manage Packs section on the website or the apps. Next up, you will be asked to make a particular channel or channel pack selection. When you do this, then in the next step, you will be able to see the optimise channel selection button. But, that still begs the question of what the optimise button will do?

So, to answer that you will once have to go and press the Optimise button as it will not change your channel selection. But, merely what the optimise button does is, if a particular portion of your channel selection falls under a channel bouquet which is discounted, then the optimise feature will select that bouquet instead of the individual channels to lower the monthly rental of your subscription. This way, the Optimise feature will work to reduce your monthly TV bill without having to change or tweak the channel selection in any way.

Optimisation Feature on Trai Channel Selector App

If you have been following the DTH industry for a few months now, then you will be able to relate that such functionality has been seen before by the subscribers and this wasn’t just available for the customers of a single operator. The subscribers of DTH or cable TV services can go the official website of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), where they will be able to find something called the Trai Channel Selector App. Now it is worth noting that the channel selector app has been live for the DTH and cable TV subscribers since the implementation of the new Trai tariff regime and it comes with a similar optimise feature.

Advantage of Optimisation Feature on DPO

When the subscribers make their channel selection and go on and optimise their channel selection, then they get a refined monthly rental price for their subscription, wherein they are suggested the lowest price for a particular set of channel. However, there is a drawback with the Trai channel selector application, and that is the lack of actual channel selection. Meaning that when the subscribers generate an optimised selection method on the Trai Channel Selector app, the changes are not applied on your DPO platform, and you would actually have to go and make those changes by yourself on the platform, whereas with the new Tata Sky optimise feature, you simply have to save the changes to your channel packs with a single click or tap, thus saving redundancy of work.

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