Tata Sky Broadband Plan With 100 Mbps Unlimited Data is One Among the Other Attractive Plans

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Tata Sky has been intensifying its efforts in the DTH and broadband segment both. While Tata Sky is not as popular as a broadband service provider as compared to how it is known as a DTH operator, that is not because it’s plans are not attractive. Being a newcomer in the industry, Tata Sky is actually offering some very attractive plans to its broadband subscribers. These plans come with unlimited data and fixed GB options, and they are available in more than 20 cities across India. What’s more to note is that these plans also club some long term discounts as well. So, if you were to subscribe to select plans for a long term, then you are likely to get a discount. In the Hyderabad region too, the company is shipping some attractive broadband plans. Here are some of the notable ones.

Rs 1,399 Unlimited Data Plan with One Extra Month of Service

The first plan that we are considering is the unlimited data plan in the Hyderabad region. We all know the recent craze in the industry about 100 Mbps speed and Tata Sky is not being left behind in this bandwagon. The operator ships 100 Mbps plans in many of the cities, with both fixed GB and unlimited options. In the Hyderabad circle, there is the 100 Mbps plan which comes with unlimited data and the option of 3 months subscription. The rental for a total of three months for this plan comes out to be Rs 4,197, which means that the subscribers will pay Rs 1,399 per month effectively. The subscribers of this plan would also be glad to know that this plan ships one extra month of service too. So, essentially, in Rs 4,197 the subscribers get 4 months of 100 Mbps, unlimited data bringing down the effective monthly price to Rs 1,049.

Long Term Subscription Options With 100 Mbps Unlimited Plan

The plan is also available in 7 months and 12 months subscription option as well. In the 7 months subscription option, the subscribers will enjoy three months of extra service, meaning that the effective monthly cost for the plan comes down further to Rs 979. The other benefits of the plan include a free router, free installation, and safe custody. As for the 12 months subscription option, the subscribers will enjoy an extra service period of six months. This means that the subscribers will pay for an annual subscription and enjoy an extra half a year of service.

The total monthly rental for this period is Rs 16,788, and the effective monthly price of this plan comes down to Rs 932 per month. As you can see, if you were to get a three-month subscription, you are likely to get around Rs 400 discount per month if you subscribe to a yearly plan. The benefits of the plan like, free router, free installation remain the same.

30 Mbps, 50 Mbps and Other Unlimited Data Plans

In this Tata Sky broadband portfolio, the subscribers can also opt for other plans which include 50 Mbps speed and 30 Mbps unlimited data plan. The 50 Mbps plan in the region is available for Rs 3,447 for three months translating to an effective monthly rental of Rs 1,149 and the 30 Mbps plan is available for Rs 2,847 translating to an effective monthly rental of Rs 949. These unlimited data plans are also available with one month extra, three months extra and six months extra service options with the 3-months, 7-months and 12-months subscription options respectively. Tata Sky, however, does not have any fixed-GB plan options in the region, unlike other regions. But, given the pricing of these plans, the subscribers are definitely bound to like these unlimited data plans.

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