Tata Sky Is the Only Operator Offering Temporary Account Suspension and Other Stand Apart Features

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There is no doubt about the fact that when it comes to Direct-to-Home services in India, Tata Sky seems to be the top choice of the customers. There are multiple reasons as to why Tata Sky has been able to resonate with its customers and why it has been able to make its position as the top DTH operator in the country despite all that has been going on in the sector. Tata Sky has also managed to beat the former leader of the industry, Dish TV which used to boast of more subscribers than the DTH operator. But, that is no longer the case. Majorly, the reason for this situation is because of the features that Tata Sky offers to its users. Although the core offerings of all the DTH operators remain the same, there are little details that make all the difference. For example, in the case of long-term offerings, while the other DTH operators all take the way of free service days, Tata Sky has launched the Cashback offer, which does give the benefit of extra service days, but the manner in which it does that is completely different. Similarly, there are other unique features of the DTH operator as well.


Tata Sky Temporary Account Suspension Feature

Now when we talk about Tata Sky, and it comes to talking about a practical feature from the DTH operator, the temporary account suspension feature comes to mind. This is one of the features of Tata Sky, which is rooted in practicality. Sometimes, the subscribers might have to stir out of their homes for days on end either for vacation or work. However, this would mean that they would still have to pay for their DTH connection. But, with the temporary account suspension feature, the subscribers can suspend their account for a maximum of four days, thus saving money for this period. This is one feature which is unique to Tata Sky.

Tata Sky Binge

Again, when it comes to OTT services in the DTH industry, there are a lot of offerings in the market from all the DTH operators. Almost all of these services offer similar features to the subscribers and Tata Sky is no exception to the rule. However, the method in which Tata Sky has decided to go about this is what makes all the difference. Tata Sky is offering its subscribers, the Binge service which bundles an Amazon Fire TV Stick worth Rs 3,999 combined with many subscription-based content services like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, ZEE5, Hungama Play, and many more. So subscribers get access to a good piece of hardware to consume the OTT content and they subscription to these services as well. All of this, only for Rs 249 per month. This subscription-based model to access OTT content is what makes Tata Sky set itself apart.

Tata Sky Cashback: Unique Feature

Coming to the Tata Sky Cashback feature. If you are a Tata Sky customer, chances are that you already know about the Tata Sky Cashback offer. In this offering, the subscribers of Tata Sky pay for the entire year of their Tata Sky connection upfront, on doing which they receive a Cashback in their account within 48 hours with an amount that is equivalent of one month of their rental. So, for example, the monthly rental of a subscriber is Rs 500, then they would deposit Rs 6,000 upfront, and within 48 hours, they would get Rs 500 Cashback in their account.

The unique thing about Tata Sky Cashback is that unlike other DTH operators, where they simply get extra service days, the Cashback from Tata Sky can be used on any Tata Sky service. The subscribers do not have to use this amount to extend their subscription necessarily, but they can use the amount to avail any other Tata Sky service like the Binge or some other Platform Service.

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