T2 Security Chip on New Mac Devices Prevents Third Party Repairs, Apple Informs

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Just like the new MacBook Pro and last year’s iMac Pro, Apple has embedded its new laptop, the latest MacBook Air and the new iMac Mini with the T2 security chip. Lately, this new technology by Apple has been in the talks for all the right reasons, however, as per the latest report by Verge, there might be more to the new T2 chip, and it might not be all that good for the consumers. This sub-processor by Apple has been known to power security features on the new machines like the TouchID, encryption and much more. But its introduction on more and more Apple devices hints towards the fact that Apple might be locking down its devices to prevent third-party repairs.


Critics Disappointed on Apple's Move

As per iFixit CEO, Kyle Wiens’ statement to the Verge, this new T2 chip by Apple restricts unauthorised parts to be used on the new machines and also renders the Mac inoperable unless Apple or its repair networks fix it. Apple also publicly acknowledged the new repair requirements for the new Macs. However, it couldn’t list out the repairs which were required or the devices which were affected. Also, Apple hasn’t told whether this is a new policy or it was in place ever since the T2 chip debuted on its gadgets.

Apple also informed that the T2 chip is very crucial for the working of the modern Macs as they facilitate some of the most critical functions like storing the keys used for securely booting the Mac, processing the TouchID inputs, enabling the MacBook Pro to respond to Hey Siri questions and it also protects the microphone on the laptop to be used by hackers when the lid is closed.

These chips effectively communicate with the other hardware of the Mac and cater to the seamless experience which Apple offers on its laptops. However, this recent announcement has discouraged DIY enthusiasts who would like to repair their Macs on their own. This new integration has made it, so that in case you want to get certain parts of your Mac fixed then you will have to visit an Apple store or visit a repair shop which is part of the company’s Authorised Service Provider (ASP) network.

Apple Reassures Consumers

Going by the documents, the parts affected include the display assembly, logic board, top case, and Touch ID board for the MacBook Pro, and the logic board and flash storage on the iMac Pro. The Verge’s report also tells that the logic board on the MacBook Air and the Mac mini are also likely to be affected. However, Apple has also said that most parts will be replaceable without the diagnostic tool and also added that parts like TouchID sensors are something which Apple only distributes and most Mac owners won’t be in the condition to replace such parts themselves. To recall, on the stage at an event, Apple had announced that it made replacing the batteries on new MacBook Air much easier and now it also allows MacMini 2018 users to replace the RAM on the new machine, in contrast to the 2014 model.

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