Sun Valley OS for Windows 10 to Offer Floating Taskbar

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People have been waiting for quite some time when it comes to Windows next biggest update, currently being called Sun Valley. In regards to this, one can see lots of rumours and leaks originating about this.

The changes that have been talked about have usually been based on design mockups and illustrations, but it seems one of the features has now started debuting on the latest build of windows. The feature, in particular, is floating menus.

This will come after a time the new macOS build of Big Sur has become rather common, seemingly pushing Windows to bring some changes to its rather bland design. That being said, let us discuss everything to expect from the update that is Sun Valley.

What Can We Expect From The Update?

Image Credit - @TheXamlGuy

According to a tweet by a developer on social media platform Twitter (via Beta News), the new floating menu can be seen within taskbar jumplists, which is usually seen when the user right-clicks on the apps present in the taskbar at the bottom.

As per the report, however, the floating menu feature should also be coming to the main Start Menu and certain other areas. The report also mentions that while this design element is visible in the latest Windows 10 build, not every user will be able to see it as it needs Visual Studio.

The flag is as follows: JumpListRestyledAcrylic present in ShellExperienceHost.exe. One needs to toggle this to see the new feature.

This update is scheduled to come in the second half of the year, with the codename Sun Valley being temporary. The update is expected to bring UI changes to the icons, such as rounding off corners for buttons and other features like Action Center and Start.

There will also be some changes to older legacy interfaces such as File Properties, copy dialogs and File explorer so as to maintain a balance with the newer UI.

According to an older report released by Windows Central, users will also be able to switch between the new Start menu design and the current design by the use of a simple toggle, with some new animations expected as well.

Certain other additions will include a newer battery usage chart and a new ‘News and Interests’ widget for the taskbar.

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