Spectra Broadband Plans Are One of Cheapest Even With 1 Gbps Speed and Unlimited Data

Spectra Broadband is offering one of the cheapest and fastest broadband plans with 1 Gbps speed

By January 4th, 2020 AT 7:53 PM
  • Spectra is also offering three months of extra service
  • The subscribers get unlimited data as well
  • Other benefits include free installation and free router

Even though fibre connections have become very commonplace by the end of 2019 in India, there are not a lot of broadband providers out there who are offering 1 Gbps, or the so-called gigabit connection to the consumers. The major operators in the country who are the most popular ones in India offer these plans for an expensive price tag which makes these plans beyond the reach of the common people. The people who are on a budget, thus remain out of reach from these gigabit plans. However, there is one Internet Service Provider (ISP) mainly based out of Delhi, which is doing the exact opposite. The plans of Spectra Broadband happen to be some of the cheapest in the market, and they offer the maximum speed that you would see in some of the publicly available plans. While you would have to pay more than Rs 3,000 per month to get a decent gigabit connection, it seems that with Spectra you could get that for under Rs 1,500 per month. How? Let’s check it out.


Spectra Fastest Broadband Plan

When we look at some of the popular Spectra Broadband plans available for the users, three of these plans stand out and happen to be the most popular. The first plan is the one that offers 1 Gbps speed. This is the “Spectra Fastest” plan and offers 1 Gbps speed. There is a catch with this plan. If you opt for a monthly subscription of this plan, then you will be getting 500GB data per month only, but the limit is upped to unlimited when you opt for an annual subscription. Also, you get three months extra subscription when you opt for the annual plan. The effective monthly price for this plan comes out to be Rs 1,239. Subscribers of this plan also get free installation and dual-band Wi-Fi router as well.

Spectra Faster Broadband Plan

For an effective monthly price of Rs 999, the subscribers of Spectra Broadband get 500 Mbps speed. Even if you compare this with other broadband plans available in the market, you will find that Spectra is offering very cheap data and high speeds. This plan also has the same specifications. The subscribers get all the benefits like a free router, installation and unlimited data on getting an annual subscription.

Spectra Fast Broadband Plan

Lastly, there is the Spectra Fast broadband plan for the customers who can make do with 250 Mbps speed. Rest of the benefits of the plans like the three months extra subscription, the free router, installation and unlimited data benefit remains the same on this plan. The only thing is that the plan offers 250 Mbps speed and the effective monthly pricing of this plan comes down to Rs 999 per month.

Spectra Becomes Second Fastest ISP

It is worth noting that in the recent Netflix ISP Speed index report, Spectra Broadband was ranked on the second number on terms of speed, thus outranking JioFiber, Airtel Broadband, and ACT Fibernet. For someone who would like to experience high speeds, at an affordable cost, the Spectra plans are some of the most attractive ones that you can find in the market right now. The benefits of these plans like the free router, three months extra subscription, are some of the other things which are cherry on the top for the customers. As compared to these plans, Airtel Broadband customers would have to spend almost thrice the amount per month, Rs 3,999 to get 1 Gbps speed and other similar benefits. Apart from this, ACT Fibernet and JioFiber are other two broadband service providers offering 1 Gbps plans to the public.

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