Sparkle and Ge-DIX Partner to Establish IXP at Genoa Data Center

The partnership aims to enhance connectivity and drive innovation in the region. Under the agreement, an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is set to be established at Sparkle's recently launched data center in Genoa.


  • Sparkle and Ge-DIX join forces to create an Internet Exchange Point at Genoa Digital Hub.
  • The Genoa Digital Hub offers an open and neutral colocation facility for seamless interconnection.
  • Integration of Blue and Raman Submarine Cable Systems connects Genoa to international regions.

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Sparkle and Ge-DIX Partner to Establish IXP at Genoa Data Center

Sparkle, the international services division of Telecom Italia Group, has entered into a partnership with Ge-DIX (Genoa Data Internet eXchange), a non-profit consortium of interconnection services, to create an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) at Sparkle's "Genoa Digital Hub" data centre.

This collaboration aims to revolutionize the digital ecosystem in the Ligurian capital, enhancing connectivity and fostering innovation in the region, according to Telecom Italia Sparkle.

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Ge-DIX: Paving the Way for Data Traffic Exchange

According to the official release, Ge-DIX, founded by the Municipality of Genoa and Liguria Digitale in conjunction with Piedmont-based Internet Exchange TOP-IX and telecom companies BBBell, Fastweb, Retelit Irideos, and Rocket Way, was established with the primary objective of becoming a preferred data traffic exchange point for Internet service providers.

Through a physical network access point, leading local, national, and international ISPs, who land their Internet networks in Genoa, can directly interconnect with each other and seamlessly exchange traffic with content and application providers.

Genoa Digital Hub

Sparkle stated that as part of this agreement, Ge-DIX will establish its Internet Exchange Point within Sparkle's Genova Digital Hub in Lagaccio. The Genoa Digital Hub, known for its open and neutral colocation facility, will now serve as a new interconnection point for international terrestrial networks and submarine cables.

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Blue and Raman Submarine Cables

Among these are the notable Blue and Raman Submarine Cable Systems, which will link Milan and Marseille via Genoa to East Africa, the Middle East, and India. The hub will also connect to the associated BlueMed system, with branches in prominent Mediterranean locations such as Marseille, Bastia, Golfo Aranci, Pomezia, Palermo, Chania, and Tel Aviv.

According to Sparkle, the Genova Landing Platform is designed to host BlueRaman and BlueMed and up to six more cables that require varied access to major European hubs. This platform has significant potential for growth in transit and exchange traffic.

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In addition, existing operators and ISPs who are members of Ge-DIX or already present in the area can now leverage Sparkle's global connectivity through Seabone IP transit service and City2City capacity solutions.

This collaborative effort between Sparkle and Ge-DIX is expected to reshape Genoa's digital landscape.

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