Sony sells 12 million smartphones in Q4 2014, reviews yearly losses

By February 6th, 2015 AT 4:39 PM

Sony has forecasted a yearly loss of 230 billion yen ($2.1 billion) in September 2014, but the last three months of the year 2014 have allowed the company to compensate net loss forecast for the year to up to 170 billion yen ($1.4 billion). The manufacturer recorded a net profit of 89 billion yen ($756 million) in the last quarter, which is a jump of 238 percent from the last year.

The company’s operating profit for the quarter is being forecasted at 178.3 billion yen ($1.51 billion), which is almost twice of what it managed a year ago. The total revenue is set to rise by 6 percent year-on-year with sales aggregate of 2.56 trillion yen ($21.7 billion). Sony’s mobile unit managed sales of 12 million during the quarter, which is a gain of 27 percent from last year, and an operating profit of $80 million.


While the mobile unit is witnessing a year-after-year increase in sales figures, Sony has declared that it would be enterprising a restructuring task that would have an effect on a total of 2,100 employees for being laid off. Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s mobile division, has mentioned that the manufacturer would be consolidating its smartphone lineup in 2015.

Sony has anticipated a per annum increase of 17 percent in revenue to 531.5 billion yen ($4.4 billion) for its gaming division, mainly involving the sales of the PlayStation 4 in the holiday season. Revenue fetched from the image sensor business by the manufacturer is also expected to stand at 292.9 billion yen ($2.42 billion), an increase of 38.6 percent from last year.

Lastly, the company has also mentioned that it is saving aside $15 million in the name of “remedial costs” for the redressal of  Sony Pictures hack last year.

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shashank singh

Sony should quit smart phone market and should focus on existing sensor division , smartphone segment as per current trend will be driven by cost and ecosystem, it should de-invest the business like Nokia, and start focusing on profit making segments.
Nokia is a good story of turn around and currently most profitable in Vendor Industry. Sony has got good portfolio in camera sensors , and should expend the same in growing markets like Healthcare, display and transportation. It will has good baseline and better gross margins.


*Sony’s major profit driver has been their sensor segment whose only real competitor is omni vision. *From what I can see and say,almost all the divisions of Sony have been doing well except their smartphone division and that’s expected. They don’t have a proper footing in almost all developed markets except Japan and Western Europe. Sales of high end smartphones which mostly take place in developed countries and one notable exception i.e China. Sony has negligible presence in China and US which are the biggest markets for high end smartphones and hence they don’t have a share of the high… Read more »

Sumit Dasgupta

Sony have lost there market share, and the the market they are in. Has shrunk as well.

I don’t see Sony to be in the smartphone business 2 or 3 years from now.

Apple is a blacksheep and will be dominating the market.


Even if Apple’s iPhone slow down in terms of innovation and saturation increases. Apple’s margin on every iPhone sold will help them remain a long term competitor just like their Mac line.


, do you mean SONY has to shut mobile division?


*Given their current financial position and the current position of the smartphone makret that would be a viable option.


I see no value in your prediction the best example is look at Blackberry everyone predicted it will be shut by 2014.

Sony is still strong and wil bounce back


*Sony has decided to cut 2,100 jobs mostly from the smartphone division. *The company’s CEO at the earnings call has hinted that he might consider selling the non performing units as part of restructuring that Sony has been undergoing *Lenovo is highly interested in buying BlackBerry but the Candian government won’t approve the deal given the fact that BlackBerry’s devices power most government organisations and Lenovo being a Chinese company makes things even more complicated. *Also if you notice BlackBerry no longer is “properly” competing in the smartphone segment in fact the CEO himself has said that his focus will… Read more »


Correction :-
Xiaomi earned a profit of 3$/device in 2013 on sales of 19 million smartphones and a profits of 57 million $

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