Why Do Smartphone Companies Launch Special Edition Devices

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Special Edition Smartphone

If you are into consumer tech, you ought to be aware of the special edition devices that come once in a while, grabbing all the spotlight for some collaboration with a famous entity or a funky, new design.

Have you ever wondered, though, why smartphone companies launch special edition devices? They usually do not offer any new specifications, nor do they attract a ton of sales, with most users not choosing to go with the slightly more expensive edition.

In reality, there is a multitude of reasons as to why a company launches a special edition device. Let us discuss a few of them and talk about why special edition devices are, in reality, quite special.

Why Do Companies Make Special Edition Devices


As mentioned earlier, companies are not obligated to launch devices with special editions, but most of them choose to do so. Whilst it may seem like this is a relatively easy decision, there is a lot of planning and thought that goes into the partnership that is often accompanying a special edition device, be it to a specific entity or a designer.

Here are a few reasons why companies choose to launch special edition devices, even if no one is asking for them.

1. Increased Hype and Attention

Smartphone Special Edition

With the increasing competition in the tech space, products these days come and go, with those offering even decent specifications being overlooked in favour of a product that might have a feature that is worth a headline.

Some examples of these features are 108MP sensors, AMOLED panels etc. Whilst these are good specifications, it is not compulsory for a device sporting these features to be good, with most of them being sub-par at best, but the hype train helps these products sell well.

For the devices launched during a tough time, be it in the middle of a launch cycle or relatively earlier than the competition, the chances of being overlooked or forgotten increase. In this scenario, a special edition comes to the aid.

A special edition device, especially with a major entity or personality at the helm of its advertisement trend, will lead to more people taking notice of the product, leading to overall sales. This might be with any product, be it a smartphone, a watch or a pair of headphones.

2. A Sense of Luxury

Motorola Smartphone

For users looking for a little bit extra, the special edition device offers great value. The price difference is not that major, but the design, which for the uninformed user is one of the key factors whilst purchasing a phone, differs from regular devices.

Be it a unique colourway or a funky design; the device stands out in comparison to the rather toned down white or black hue available with every device. Those who wish to flaunt their devices get a good way to do so, minus the over the top cost.

To add to this, special edition devices usually sell less, so there is a sense of luxury for the user, owning a piece of memorabilia that is not available to all, having been on sale during a specific period.

3. Humanitarian Reasons

Apple Special Red Smartphone

Apple has another reason for its special editions, which are launched under the Product (Red) moniker. The Product Red initiative is one that is quite good, with the company donating a percentage of the sales for AIDs and HIV related relief.

According to Apple’s site, the company, in its 14-year span, has been able to donate $250 Million to AIDs and HIV via the Product Red program, which is quite respectable. Whilst the user might be unaware of what occurs, it goes to a good cause.

From the user’s side, they get a striking red product that stands out from the other glass slabs in black, silver and space grey and in doing so, they are helping contribute to a cause.

4. Entertainment Partnerships For Better Reach

OnePlus 5T Special Smartphone

Certain companies such as Samsung and OnePlus in the past have made use of strategic collaborations for special edition devices in a bid to increase their foothold in a certain market, which has often gone the company’s way.

Samsung chose to partner with DC for the Batman Injustice S7 Edge, while OnePlus chose popular fan fiction franchise Star Wars to partner the company for the OnePlus 5T device. Both devices helped the companies financially and in terms of the overall image.

Those unaware of a relatively smaller brand like OnePlus suddenly knew of the brand due to the Star Wars branding, bringing their cash to the company in exchange for a unique piece of star wars memorabilia.

It is this kind of scenario that helps attracts customers who are relatively unaware of the tech scene and make them purchase a specific device.

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