Slow Broadband Speeds: How to Resolve It on Your Own

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The best way to access high-speed internet while sitting at your home is to get a broadband connection. Fibre broadband connections provide much higher speed than any 4G network can. As more and more people are sitting in their homes and working, watching videos to entertain themselves, the demand for data has increased. High-speed internet has become a necessity to carry out Zoom Call meetings smoothly and stream entertaining content without any interruptions. But sometimes even getting a high-speed broadband service doesn’t work. Slow broadband speeds can be very frustrating. But fortunately, there are steps and ways you can use to resolve them on your own. Read ahead to find out what those steps are.

Tips to Resolve Slow Broadband Speeds

  1. Troubleshoot Your Router: Sometimes the internet speed drops on us at a crucial time. But you can try resolving it by running the troubleshooting wizard to see if there are any problems. You can also try reconfiguring the settings of the router or just try hard-resetting it. It might work for you. Also, you should always remember to switch off your router every day at least for 10 minutes to give it some rest.
  2. Changing the location of Your Router: If you place your internet router nearby other electronic devices, then you are bound to get slow broadband speeds. Other electronic devices release electromagnetic waves which cause interference on your broadband connectivity. It is always the best idea to keep your router in open areas of the house such as halls. You can also switch the angles of the antennas in your router so that you can get a better signal strength.
  3. Get Better Security: If you are getting slow broadband speeds, check if your network has unusual users connected to it. You need to ensure that your internet network is totally secure and protected by a password so that people you don't want on your network can’t connect to it and reduce the internet speed for you.
  4. Don’t Use VPN: If you are on video calls from Zoom or any other app, ensure that you switch off the VPN network. If left switched on, it will affect your internet speed and thus will reduce the quality of video call experience for you.
  5. Using LAN Cables: You should use LAN cables if you want higher internet speeds. If you are using a very old LAN cable, then you should get it changed immediately. Upgrade your LAN cables to Cat-6 or Cat-6a cables so that you can get lightning-quick internet speeds.
  6. Internet Usage: If you have a lot of people in your family using the internet from the same network as of you, you are going to face slow broadband speeds. This is not going to happen necessarily, but it is advised that if you are on a video call, HD streaming of online content should not be done for keeping the quality of the video call high.

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