Skylo Partners Up With Omnicomm to Help Companies Save Fuel

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Skylo just announced that it has partnered up with Omnicomm to provide companies with a complete fuel management Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution. Skylo specialises in providing end-to-end narrowband IoT solutions connecting machines and sensor’s data via satellite, while Omnicomm has been in the market since 1998, helping businesses with fuel and fleet management.

Both the companies have combined their resources to help large and small businesses in monitoring the fuel that their fleet is consuming in real-time.

Skylo and Omnicomm’s Full Stack Solution Can Help Companies Avoid Fuel Theft

As mentioned above, the companies have come together and are offering an integrated fuel management IoT solution that will oversee real-time fuel usage by fleets. The customers can take this solution and easily deploy it for gaining access to the actionable insights, real-time, and historical data of the fuel usage by fleets.

The full-stack solution developed in partnership by both companies will further allow businesses to avoid fuel theft. Fuel is an expensive commodity, and that is why monitoring its usage and avoiding thefts will help businesses in cutting down on costs.

In recent times, the cost of fuel has increased further. The solution of Skylo and Omnicomm can be very helpful for businesses who want to optimise their fuel consumption by tracking where it is getting wasted.

Omnicomm is a very experienced company in deploying fuel level sensors. As mentioned above, it has been in the market since 1998 and has helped a lot of businesses with understanding their fuel consumption.

By partnering up with Skylo, Omnicomm can now expand the range of services offered by its products even further. Skylo, on the other hand, allows businesses to take immediate and appropriate action by accessing real-time data for improving operations.

Skylo helps businesses that are very reliant on machines to run their daily operations. The sensors developed by Omnicomm are said to be very accurate in reading data and offering insights to businesses. Both large and small scale businesses can leverage the solution developed by the companies and decrease their fuel costs which will further help them in improving overall profits.

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