Ericsson and Far EasTone to Expand 5G Partnership in Taiwan

Ericsson will extend its support to Fas EasTone (FET) in expanding their 5G Lab for advanced technological trials such as 5G network slicing and more

5G in Taiwan

The Swedish multinational telecommunications Ericsson has signed an MoU with the renowned Taiwanese operator Far EasTone (FET) to expand their 5G partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, Ericsson will extend its support to Fas EasTone (FET) in expanding their 5G Lab for advanced technological trials such as fixed wireless access, 5G network slicing and more. Tracing back to the partnership of Ericsson and Far EasTone(FET), both the entities have partnered over decades in Taiwan for delivering exceptional services in the region.

Far EasTone Will Participate in Ericsson Startup 5G Program

Under the agreement, Ericsson and Far EasTone (FET) will also develop a joint AI lab network automation performance and efficiency trails. Apart from this, Far EasTone will also take part in the Ericsson Startup 5G Program, which is aimed to introduce telecom operators with technology innovation partners to capitalise on the 5G consumer use cases. The Ericsson Startup 5G Program will help FET gain access to a global network of 5G networks.

Not only this, but FET will also gain access to Ericsson’s ConsumerLab research and analytical data. Chee Ching, who is the president of Far EasTone, stated that the entity is extensively pushing the 5G development to enable more applications with AI, IoT and other prominent technologies through collaboration with partners in the ecosystem.

Ching also stated that with the recent MoU, he looks forward to more partnerships between the two entities. The joint efforts of Ericsson and Far EasTone will offer a robust and premium 5G network along with multiple innovative services for customers.

Ericsson and Far EasTone have developed Fastest Network in Taiwan

Fredrik Jejding, who is the EVP and head of networks at Ericsson, stated that Far EasTone is an important partner for Ericsson. Jointly, Ericsson and Far EasTone have deployed the fastest network in Taiwan. The recent MoU will accelerate the pace of 5G and develop the network of the future.

Tracing back to March, Far EasTone teamed up with Ericsson for 5G SA and NSA dual-mode 5G Core and VoLTE services. Under the agreement, Ericsson is helping Far EasTone in the expansion of its 5G NSA capabilities and SA evolution on various spectrum frequencies.

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