Singtel Partnered With Samsung to Launch 5G SA Network

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Singtel, a major telecom operator based out of Singapore, has launched its 5G standalone (SA) network in the country. The company partnered with Samsung to launch the 5G SA. With the help of the 5G SA network, users living in Singapore will be able to do more with their mobile networks than just connect with each other.

The Asian carrier said that 5G SA will bring applications such as real-time immersive entertainment, massive Internet-of-Things (IoT) connections, and self-driving cars to life. The 5G SA networks of Singtel are running on the 3.5 GHz spectrum.

5G SA of Singtel Will Enable Innovations in Singapore

Anna Yip, CEO, Consumer Singapore at Singtel, said that the customers of the telco would be the first ones in the world to experience the benefits which 5G SA can deliver. Yip said that Singtel is offering Singapore its fastest and most powerful 5G network.

She further said that now customers won’t have to worry about streaming videos in 4K quality, nor will they have to wait or face delays to share their favourite moments and memories with their loved ones. With the help of the 5G SA network of Singtel, all of the old worries will be laid to rest, and the consumers can do almost everything they used to and more with better speeds and experience a new digital world altogether.

Yip said that the 5G SA network of Singtel would enable innovation not only in the telecom industry of the country but will also contribute to the other industries of the nation. For now, Singtel said that customers of the telco living in the 5G network coverage area of the company could enjoy 5G SA only if they own a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. It is the only smartphone that has received the exclusive beta release for 5G SA software.

Singtel has already deployed a 5G SA network over 1,000 sites across the country in strategic locations where there would be a high need for faster networks right away. As more handset manufacturers roll out 5G SA support software for their users, more people will be able to use Singtel’s 5G SA.

It is worth noting that Singtel had already launched its 5G non-standalone (NSA) networks in the country using spectrum in the 28 GHz mmWave band.

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