Should India Ban Google and Facebook Asks Sunil Bharti Mittal?

Recently, we have been hearing a lot of news about the US President Donal Trump’s valiant decisions regarding the restriction on H1B visas to make America great again. Speaking on the same issue, Airtel India’s chief, Sunil Bharti Mittal said that India should say no to Facebook and Google.


According to a report from Press Trust of India (PTI), Mittal claims that the decision from American President does not concern him as his business is ‘rooted in the domestic market.’ He also claimed that the decision to restrict Indian workers from the US is an unfair move because various foreign countries are making huge profits in India.

Companies such as Facebook, WhatsApp have their most revenue coming from India itself. Also, WhatsApp has the largest user base in India with over 160 million users.

“If you come to a situation where skilled workers which actually drive your economy back home are going to be denied (entry), or Indian companies are forced to pay a particular salary just to become uncompetitive in those countries, I think that becomes an affirmative action against the companies that want to do trade there,” Sunil Mittal added.

He was asked a question of how will he react if Airtel was not allowed to operate in certain countries and he responded as “You can’t have (a situation) that on the one hand and you have 200 million customers on Facebook, 150 million on WhatsApp, 100 million people on Google… Would we say we don’t want FaceBook (and) Google to operate in India, we have homegrown apps.”

He also said that “India is a big market for technology companies given the huge consumer base.” Several major companies such as Apple, Facebook also raised their voice against Donald Trump’s decision to tighten the work visa norms.

Not only the US, other countries such as Singapore, Australia also have tightened their visa procedure in recent times, which in turn is incurring the operating costs for Indian IT companies which send employees to work on client sites using visas.

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May 1, 2017 2:40 pm 2:40 PM

I feel this time he is right. We should give back the same what we get from US. Revenue loss would hit them back and will make to rethink. Lets not reject this becuase its said by Airtel owner.

May 1, 2017 8:09 am 8:09 AM

I don’t think so.
I am connected to my friends and family through Facebook.
If Facebook banned then I will be ruined I think.
First create some alternative and then talk about banning.

May 1, 2017 7:09 am 7:09 AM

I support him on that case(Also it’s not very strange the nerd readers here are naturally less patriotic ;))