5 Shiver-Inducing Malayalam Thriller Films on OTT

Are you looking for a thrilling film that will shatter your mind? If so, here are some Malayalam movies that will keep you glued to your seat with their captivating plotlines.


  • Irul: A doctor in a village confronts a demonic entity responsible for ritualistic murders.
  • Nayattu: Reckless celebration by police officers turns into a murder case, shattering trust and revealing dark secrets.
  • Drishyam: A family's fight for survival after a self-defense incident against a powerful individual.

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5 Shiver-Inducing Malayalam Thriller Films on OTT
Malayalam films are among the greatest that the Indian film industry produces. Malayalam films range from romantic tales and dramatic plots to suspense and thrillers, and they are among the greatest you can watch if you enjoy movies. Many fantastic Malayalam films have also been remade in Hindi due to their quirky stories.

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Here are a few Malayalam thriller films worth watching on OTT for their compelling plots and stunning photography.

Irul (2021)

If you enjoy viewing suspense movies about otherworldly beings, you should see 'Irul'. This is the story of a small village where evil has taken hold. Maya, a young doctor in the community, witnesses odd murders triggered by rituals. Maya overcomes her fear and confronts the demonic spirit.

Where to watch: Netflix

Nayattu (2021)

This is the story of five young police officers who recklessly celebrate their promotion night, resulting in a murder for which they are now charged. This causes multiple interruptions in their friendships and trust concerns. Furthermore, numerous secrets are revealed on the day, leaving you shocked.

Where to watch: Netflix

Drishyam (2013)

You will enjoy an exhilarating experience while viewing 'Drishyam'. A Bollywood film with the same title has been made based on this film, which tells the story of a family of four who murder the SP's son in self-defense. Watch as they fight to keep themselves out of jail by proving their innocence.

Where to watch: Disney+ Hotstar

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Memories (2013)

'Memories' tells the narrative of Alex, a writer who has lost some of his memories following a sad occurrence. He frequently sees visions and experiences foggy recollections, which upset him. He decides to see a psychiatrist to recall the bits of his history, leading to a startling realization.

Where to watch: Disney+ Hotstar

Anjaam Pathiraa (2020)

This thriller film follows Anwar Hussain, a criminologist tasked with investigating a series of killings in Kochi. The police are victims of a crime committed by a certain criminal, who is leaving clues for them. Anwar and the police discover troubling information, which leads them to solve the case.

Where to watch: Sun Nxt

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