Reliance JioFiber: Five Things to Look Forward to On September 5 Launch

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The Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator is very close to the launch of its most awaited service in the market – Reliance JioFiber. The service which was known by a different name just a while back has now got a new rebranding, but that doesn’t mean that people have steered their sight to a different direction. On September 5, Reliance Jio is finally going to launch the fibre-based home broadband service commercially in India. This means that on that day, we will get to know the pricing of the broadband plans along with more significant announcements. Since JioFiber is not the only service that Reliance Jio will start offering, there are a bunch of other things that the consumers will look forward to, and these will include the following.


Jio4K Set-Top Box

Reliance Jio’s entertainment services will also be among some of the highly awaited products during the JioFiber commercial launch. The Jio 4K Set-Top Box is an offering which will be different as compared to all the other STBs available in the market right now. It will bundle not only the usual run-of-the-mill DTH channels that the consumers watch on their TVs, but it will also provide easy access to OTT apps like JioSaavn, JioTV and more. The STB will also allow the users to game on the console, along with shipping some MR and VR features.

JioFixed Voice

Just like JioFiber will be the fibre-based broadband service, the JioFixedVoice will be the landline service from Reliance Jio. Now although a few weeks back, some customers had received a notification about Reliance JioFixedVoice, we are yet to know about it in detail from the official sources. The JioFixedVoice will likely be a bundled service with JioFiber since that has been the case during the entire beta testing phase.

International Landline Roaming Pack

During its 42nd AGM, Mukesh Ambani announced that Jio would also offer unlimited international calling pack from its landline connection to the US and Canada at Rs 500 a month. He also noted that this pricing would be one-fifth to one-tenth of existing market tariffs. Now although we know the pricing of this plan, the actual service is slated to be launched and will be available alongside JioFiber.


JioFiber Pricing

This is probably going to be the elephant in the room when the September 5 announcement for JioFiber begins. Reliance Jio has also noted that the plans of JioFiber will start somewhere around Rs 700 per month, and for the 1 Gbps connections, they will go as high as Rs 10,000 per month. Now what are the specific plans and pricing of Reliance JioFiber, we will get to see on September 5.


To wrap it up, the JioCall feature would be something that will be made possible with the combination of Jio Set-Top Box and JioFiber connection. Reliance Jio has already conducted the demonstration for this service during its 42nd AGM. However, during the commercial launch of the JioFiber service, we can expect the company to shed some more light on this new service.

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