Bharti Airtel Smart Bytes Can Bump Up Your Broadband FUP Limit Starting Only at Rs 99

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In an attempt to nullify the hype of Reliance JioFiber, Bharti Airtel has been inflating its own broadband plans with all kinds of freebies and attractive benefits. Unlike other broadband service providers which offer a number of choices to the customers, Airtel V Fiber portfolio consists of a handful of plans to choose from and most of these plans come with a fixed data limit. Subsequently, there is only one unlimited data plan in Bharti Airtel broadband portfolio. In such a scenario, it is quite possible that the subscribers might run out of data in some cases and to bring a quick fix for this problem, Bharti Airtel has introduced Smart Bytes Data Add-On Plan which starts at a measly price of Rs 99.


Bharti Airtel Broadband Smart Bytes Plans  

While Bharti Airtel is shipping attractive broadband plans for its customers, it is also shipping broadband add-on calls for its broadband subscribers which are being called as Smart Bytes add-on plans. Bharti Airtel’s broadband plans offer high-speed data with speeds that go as high as 100 Mbps or 300 Mbps. Now even though there is the offering of bonus data, it is quite possible that you might have already exhausted it by now. While using internet at such high speeds, it is entirely possible to run out of data. If that has happened with you, then you can go for the Airtel Smart Byte plans.

The first Smart Byte plan by Airtel comes for Rs 99, and it offers 5GB add-on data for your broadband plan. Similarly, Airtel is offering 15GB additional data at Rs 199, 25GB additional data at Rs 299, 50GB additional data at Rs 499, 90GB additional data at Rs 799 and finally 200GB additional data at Rs 1,499. With these plans, you can be sure that even if you run out of your monthly broadband FUP limit, you can recharge your account back and start using internet at fast speed.

ACT Fibernet Also Offering Similar FlexyBytes+ Plans

It is also worth noting that Airtel’s fierce broadband competitor, ACT Fibernet is also offering something similar called FlexyBytes+ under which ACT Fibernet subscribers will be able to buy add-on data for their connections. ACT Fibernet also has a lot of plans which offer 100 Mbps or more speed and also these are some of the most popular plans from ACT. The service provider also provides bonus data to the customers, but then again, the consumers are sometimes likely to run out of data in rare instances. In those cases, the subscribers will be able to buy FlexyBytes+ plans to top-up their data recharge for their broadband connection and continue using high speed wired internet services from ACT Fibernet.

Bharti Airtel Broadband Plans Weakened by Absence of Unlimited Data?

It is worth noting that more and more subscribers these days are opting for plans which offer unlimited data. However, in the case of Bharti Airtel, that is not the case as the unlimited data plan is only available in the premium segment. While Bharti Airtel is betting on its additional benefits like Amazon Prime subscription and things of that nature, it is entirely possible that a subscriber might find these freebies in a bundled prepaid plan as well. There is also competition from Tata Sky broadband, which is offering unlimited data with high speed, and Hathway is also one service provider which is offering some unlimited data plans. In such a scenario, it remains to be seen what are customers drawn to more, additional benefits or simply more data?

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