Reliance Jio IUC Top-Ups or 4G Data Vouchers: Which One to Choose After Recent Revision

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The much-awaited change to Reliance Jio's 4G Data Vouchers was made recently. After the introduction of IUC Top-Up vouchers for prepaid users, the 4G Data Vouchers served no purpose. For example, Jio used to offer 400MB of data with the Rs 11 data voucher, whereas the Rs 10 IUC Top-Up ships with non-Jio minutes along with 1GB of data. Another advantage for IUC Top-Ups is the unlimited validity for data benefit (although the data voucher expires after 90 days). The Mukesh Ambani-led telco made a major change to the 4G Data Vouchers available on Jio network and they now ship with free non-Jio minutes along with two-fold more data. So which vouchers have an upper hand after the revision- IUC Top-Ups or 4G Data Vouchers? Let's find out.

Jio 4G Data Vouchers vs IUC Top-Ups: Differences Detailed

Starting with the basic vouchers first, the Rs 10 IUC Top-Up from Reliance Jio offers Rs 7.47 talk time or 124 non-Jio minutes and 1GB of data voucher. The 1GB data voucher has to be activated manually by the user inside 'My Vouchers' section in MyJio app. The validity of this voucher is 90 days from the date of credit. As for the Rs 11 4G Data Voucher, it now comes with 800MB data and Jio to non-Jio minutes of 75. Users have to choose these vouchers on top of an unlimited data plan, so they serve the same purpose of providing a little amount of data and non-Jio voice calling.

Moving onto other vouchers, the Rs 20, Rs 50 and Rs 100 IUC Top-Ups offer 249, 656 and 1,362 minutes of non-Jio calling. Also, they come with 2GB, 5GB and 10GB of data benefit, and there's no expiry date for both the talk time and data benefit. As for the 4G Data Vouchers of Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101, they come with 2GB, 6GB and 12GB of data benefit. On top of that, Reliance Jio has recently revised the data vouchers to also come with 200, 500 and 1,000 non-Jio minutes.

Advantages of IUC Top-Ups Over 4G Data Vouchers

As you can clearly see, IUC Top-Ups from Reliance Jio still offer better talk time benefit compared to the 4G Data Vouchers. With the Rs 100 IUC Top-Up, users get 1,362 non-Jio minutes, whereas the Rs 101 4G Data Vouchers offer 1,000 non-Jio minutes. However, the data benefit of Rs 101 voucher is 12GB, while the same for Rs 100 IUC Top-Up is 10GB. The Rs 51 and Rs 101 4G Data Vouchers enjoy the advantage in the data benefit, but the Rs 50 and Rs 100 IUC Top-Ups beat them in the non-Jio voice minutes department. The base Rs 11 and Rs 21 data vouchers fall short of Rs 10 and Rs 20 IUC Top-Ups in terms of both data and voice calling.

The major advantage of IUC Top-Ups is validity. For instance, if you don't make use of the Rs 20 IUC Top-Up which you recharge on a Jio mobile number; The talk time balance will remain in your account, unlike the 4G Data Vouchers which expire at the end of your current unlimited pack.

We suggest you still choose the Jio IUC Top-Ups of Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 over the 4G Data Vouchers of Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101.

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