Reliance Jio Rs 10 IUC Plan With 1GB Data is a Great Data Top Up If You Exhaust Your FUP

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If you look at the prepaid portfolios of all the telecom operators, and they are likely to resemble each other with a lot of similarity. However, amongst all the telecom operators, there will be one who will have a little more difference than others, and it will be Reliance Jio. The reason why this is that the telecom operator is also the only one in the industry which is currently charing IUC from its subscribers. The subscribers who run out of their non-Jio minutes have to pay 6 paise per minute to Jio for making calls to other operators. This is one of the reasons why Reliance Jio has tried to compensate with slightly lower priced telecom plans. But, there is also the case when Jio subscribers run out of data and in that case, the usual go-to option is the data voucher. However, we are here to tell you that if you run out of data, the data vouchers are not the only thing that will help you and in fact, there is a better way in which you can recharge your data. Here is how.


IUC Talk Time Plans vs Data Vouchers

When you open the Reliance Jio prepaid portfolio, you will find IUC talk time recharges and the standard data top-ups. Now the thing to note here is that the data recharges start at Rs 11 for 400MB, but the starting price of the IUC talk time voucher is Rs 10. On a first look, it might seem as if the IUC talk time voucher simply ships what it is named for, and that is talk time. But, on checking in a little depth, we can see that the plan also bundles 1GB of data for the subscribers.

This means that if you run out of data, then you will have two options with you. The first would be to go for the data top-up of Rs 21 which will get you 1GB data. But, you can better go for the Rs 10 IUC talk time voucher which will not only get you 1GB data but will also get you talk time as well. The price of the data would be half of what you would have paid in the case of data voucher.

Data Plans Above 3GB Data

In case you need more data on your number, then you can also go for the higher priced IUC talk time plans as well. The Rs 50 IUC talk time voucher for Reliance Jio subscribers will offer you 39.37 minutes. The number of IUC minutes which the subscribers get in this plan is 656. Bundled in this plan, the subscribers get 5GB data. Whereas, if you take a look at the data vouchers roster of Jio, you will find the Rs 51 plan which only ships 3GB data. So, in case you need data, it would be better to go for the IUC talk time vouchers and get both data and voice calling minutes, which would actually mean cheaper data for you.

Reliance Jio Unique Data Voucher of Rs 251

However, with this being said, there is one data voucher which is pretty unique for the subscribers. This plan is the Rs 251 data voucher. Instead of shipping data in one go, this plan extends the daily data limit of your base plan by 2GB every day. The plan comes with 51 days of validity.

Arpit Sharma

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Published by
Arpit Sharma

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