Reliance Jio Bets on Cloud Computing: to Set up 14 Data Centers across the Country

Reliance jio Data Centers Reliance Jio which is expecting a August 2014 wide level trials and any time in 2015 for commercial roll out is on its way create several data centers across the country. As per the media reports Jio will have 14 data centers in the country. All of them will few of the largest data centers in the world with space of 50,000 – 7,00,000 sq ft.

Expected list of Jio’s data center goes below:

1. Reliance Corporate Park, Navi Mumbai – two
2. Mauda, Nagpur – two
3. NCR, New Delhi – two
4. Jamnagar, Gujarat – four
5. West Bengal ( either in Kolkata or near sea) – one
6. Andra Pradeah – one
7. Chennai, Tamilnadu – one
8. Bangaluru, Karnataka – one

The impact of setting up data centers in several numbers will be strong and focus on Jio’s data based venture for the future.

* Jio will create huge job opportunities, which is one of the targets to be fulfilled by BJP-led government.
* Jio is looking for cloud services, a market is yet to tap.
* Online TV and other entertainment packages can easily be stored over cloud of Jio and can be watched anywhere in the country without hiccups.
* Jio can host servers of international websites in India – load over international bandwidth channels will be diminished.
* Jio may shake hands with Reliance Communications’ subsidiary and cloud-expert Reliance Global Cloud Xchange as technology partners.
* With hosting several social media websites in India, the data can be misused by Indian jurisdiction as it can push the companies to show any internet user’s information, which may go against freedom of expression.

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Darshan Gor
June 22, 2014 6:23 pm 6:23 PM

it should be August-2014. Cant wait more then a year & BSNL Is slow as hell even on 3G . I live in Mandvi city of Gujarat ( have sunny days almost more then 300 days in a year – still BSNL is worst in every aspects here – 3G ,broadband,voice quality etc )

June 22, 2014 2:43 pm 2:43 PM

aug 2015!!!! disappointed …..! I wait for the launch.but it is keep going like a mega serial . I need to find out another ISP .. bye to jio!

June 21, 2014 11:12 pm 11:12 PM
Bsnl goes in problem….. 3g is damm slow… it should be HALF G. Continues drop network and disconnection… after a heavy rain 3g is gone and takes more than 6hr to normal. Thts why natarally customer moves airtel where Airtel chrg Rs265/1GB even Bsnl chrg Rs251/2 GB… Thr r no improvement sending a lot of mails or complains to CC. I live in Alipurduar. A very small town of North Bengal. Few days back a team of Engineer connecting some Fiberoptic cables beside of my house. I asked them the reasn as simply.. One if them infrm its for Highspeed… Read more »
June 22, 2014 8:40 am 8:40 AM

Hmmm so you want the bsnl people to leave all their work and fix your tower instantly? If there was a huge train fall there might be chance that a number of towers are affected and they have limited number of engineers (which is obvious) so 6 hours is a understandable situation. While this issue is very unlikely.

June 22, 2014 6:34 pm 6:34 PM

I know very well what i am say actualy…My house is situated hardly 5mints away from Main BTS tower of alipurduar and 30mints away from Airtel tower. Bsnl goes to worse day after day. But I was present in Bsnl office which is situated near Itkhola. The complained to GM their sell decress as compaire to airtel even airtel charge more than bsnl. Wht they r doing I dont know.. My question Why only Bsnl???? and why I didnt face anyAirtel 3G(H) conhetion prob. Even today they need Unlimited time to repear….

Kunal Gautam
June 22, 2014 11:25 am 11:25 AM

@ash He is not implying to say that. I know place Alipurduar. It is really nice place, yes kind of always having rain area. I lived place nearby. I still remember how much “papad belna” done but we were unable to get a WLL Connection. Still we didn’t got connection(pre 2005 era).
BSNL is having very bad network. In my area, even I get slow 3G speed and I’m living in City called Pune. Local BTS goes down most of the time.
What @Sumanta is telling, BSNL or other companies are not showing there keen interest in giving Fast service.