Reliance deceits people by installing mobile towers inside water tanks in Trivandrum: Report

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In an interesting turn to establish mobile towers, Reliance has ventured into installing mobile towers inside water tanks, tricking people to believe that the installations are only water tanks. The investigation report pertaining to the matter appeared in Media One, a television channel in Kerala.

According to the report, the service provider attempted the action after receiving heavy opposition from the people at the place against installing high-radiation mobile towers. The water tanks installed with towers are seen above tall buildings.

The building owners are offered with heavy rent and advance payments, and hence they refuse to reveal the activity. The installation of towers is usually carried out in the night. The connections from the equipment installed in the water tanks are given to the cable deployed in the underground.

On inquiry, Reliance seems to have obtained no legal documents to carry out such installations. The representatives from the company claimed that the company has not attempted any illegal installations, rather they have only modified the style of installation depending on the trend reports MediaOne.

Earlier we reported that Reliance Jio is going green with the construction of Eco-friendly green towers in Goa which cause much less harm to the environment through radiation emission.

Setting up camouflaged towers is a flourishing trend in developed countries. Landscape mobile towers go with the ambience of the area. Its time for people to adapt for the change.

Source: MediaOne

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