Reasons Why The New Nokia 3310 Does Not Deserve Even To Be A Secondary Phone

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Nokia 3310's return caused a stir in the world of technology. Many tech enthusiasts couldn't hold their excitement back and went into a praising mode, solely because of nostalgia. Yes, we get it that Nokia 3310 was an iconic phone and its revival certainly deserved full coverage. However, now that the buzz cloud is subsiding, we can see things clearly, and that brings us to an opinion that Nokia 3310 cannot be your secondary phone.

In today's world, we heavily rely on the internet. Especially the urban crowd, where even middle age population is seen tinkering on social media via smartphones. A secondary phone with 4G and Wi-Fi hotspot is a must for those who want to stay connected but do not want their primary device to give up battery percentage due to the hotspot. That's where the idea of having a secondary phone makes sense; it could be a big help when you are on the move and have to do some official work on the laptop.

Taking all the points into account, we have come up with reasons to prove that the new Nokia 3310 does not deserve even to be a secondary phone. Of course, you can keep it for other purposes but that won't suffice.

Limited Network support

Taking a cue from its old version, the new Nokia 3310 also sticks to 900MHz and 1800MHz bands. And these frequencies are only compatible with "2G" only. Also, it is worth mentioning that 900MHz and 1800MHz bands have almost vanished in developed countries like the US and India is also slowly moving towards the same fate. We wonder why Nokia planned to stick to these old network frequencies? Even the gimmicky Freedom 251 had better connectivity as reported by the people who actually did a hands-on review of it. A handset must support at least four frequencies to operate around the world - 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz.

Nokia 3310

Camera quality is redundant

As per the reports by media houses who did a quick hands-on of the Nokia 3310 at the MWC 2017, the camera on the phone lacks focus and the image quality is poor. We know that the pricing of the Nokia 3310 is low, but the camera should at least focus to some extent.

Make do with just 16MB internal storage

Yes, there is just 16-megabyte of storage in the phone. If you have a huge contact list then you will end up exhausting the entire internal storage on the phone. Of course, you can add another 32GB storage by inserting a microSD card. But c'mon, Nokia could have atleast added 500MB storage!

The new Snake game is tougher than the one on old Nokia 3310

The new Nokia 3310 is a revamped version of the classic 3310 so the only department where Nokia actually brought a significant change is Snake's gameplay. The new game is not as easy as the one we are used to playing and that might be a hooking factor for many and for many it could pose as a repellent.


Well, to conclude, we would say that every buyer has different needs for a secondary phone. Some just want a long-lasting battery phone and that's where Nokia 3310 could actually pick up on the sales chart. But, for the ones who want a secondary phone to fulfil their needs for the internet and other requisites, the Nokia 3310 would be a bad choice. The phone is launched at 49, which converts to approx. Rs. 3,450. It remains to be soon at what price Nokia brings this device for India. 

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