RailWire Launches Two New 1 Gbps Broadband Plans Starting at Rs 3,499

The RailTel owned company now boasts of having 4 lakh subscribers across the country. In Kerala, the company has announced the launch of two new gigabit plans


  • The Rs 3,499 gigabit plan will offer the standard 3.3TB of data per month
  • The data in the second Rs 7,999 plan would be just double
  • There would be 18% GST applicable on the monthly bill

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RailWire Gigabit broadband plans

With the rising proliferation of broadband providers in India, there are a lot of options available to subscribers. Not only ISPs, but the availability of broadband plans has also shot up, and such 1 Gbps or gigabit broadband plans are not entirely unheard of across the country. Another ISP that is now in the league of providers gigabit plan is RailWire. The popular broadband provider is especially active in Kerala, and over here, the RailTel owned company is starting to provide plans which offer more than 1 Gbps speed to the subscribers. RailWire has announced the launch of the new plans and also specified the pricing and benefit of these plans for its subscribers.

RailWire 1 Gbps Rs 3,499 Broadband Plans

Firstly, the subscribers wishing to take the 1 Gbps plan from RailWire should note that they will have two options to choose from, and the new plans have been launched in Kerala for now. The first plan from RailWire providing 1 Gbps speed includes the Rs 3,499 plan. In this plan, the subscribers get 3.3TB of data or 3,300GB of data in the entire month, after which the post-FUP speed is 2 Mbps. Another thing to note about these plans is that there would be 18% GST applicable on these plans, and as such, you will have to pay additional Rs 629.82 on top of Rs 3,499, thus adding up your total monthly cost to Rs 4128.82.

RailWire 1 Gbps Rs 7,999 Broadband Plan

Another plan from RailWire includes the Rs 7,999 plan, which is, of course, a very premium plan, but this plan will not only get you 1 Gbps speed on your broadband connection would also provide just double data as compared to the last plan. As such, you will have 6.6TB or 6,600 GB of data every month to use from. The post FUP speed remains the same at 2 Mbps and is similar to the other plan; adding 18%, GST would amount to a total of  Rs 9438.82 per month for your connection. In another news, RailWire’s parent company, RailTel, also shared that it had amassed a total of 4 lakh subscribers.

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