PUBG Mobile Receives New Beryl M762 Rifle and Hardcore Arcade Mode With Latest Update

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After a very massive ending to the PlayerUnknown's Battleground Season 3 on November 18, Tencent Games has announced that it would be making the servers live for PUBG Season 4 on November 21. The servers will be available from November 21 for all the players giving everyone the access to the new season of PUBG. Tencent Games has also announced that it would be bringing the fourth season of PUBG with new additions. Read ahead to know what’s new in Season 4 of our favourite game.


New Additions in PUBG Season 4

The new season of PUBG Mobile will see many new additions, among these, is going to be the debut of a new rifle Beryl M762, which is a new assault rifle sporting a chamber of 7.62mm calibre bullets. The new gun also boasts of a damage score which is higher than AKM and a rate of fire which matches that of Groza. However, the catch is that it comes with a higher recoil. The new Beryl M762 rifle will be available in all three maps, the Sanhok, Erangel and Miramar.

Some Sanhok updates have also included dynamic weather and also an addition of a new vehicle, the scooter.

Hardcore Mode on PUBG Mobile

Besides these new additions of vehicles, weather and rifles, Royale Pass 4 is also bringing the much talked about Hardcore mode on PUBG Mobile. Under the hardcore mode, which is actually how PC players play PUBG, the players won’t have any visual cues when an enemy approaches, that means the absence of enemy footstep indicator. To compensate for this PUBG mobile players will have to use their headphones apart from manually opening doors, picking up weapons and manually reloading their guns. This is surely going to raise the bar further for PUBG mobile players.

Alongside the abovementioned new additions, the Pass 4 brings onboard rare outfits, new hairstyles and character faces. There is also fine tuning of the redemption feature and addition of Mission Cards as well. This Season 4 also increases chances for special crate drops, also, for the Black Friday, a new event has been created by Tencent providing massive discounts of the packs.

PUBG Mobile Season 4: Royal Pass Details

With the help of the new Royal Pass, PUBG players will be able to enjoy weekly challenges and play up to 100 RP level. Further, they will have two options to choose from which will include Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus. There will also be unique benefits and locked items for users who cross the 100 RP level.

As for the date of the launch of this new update, Tencent is pushing out the notifications for the upcoming season and has revealed that the new update is scheduled to happen on November 20 with the servers going live on November 21.

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