Peru Implements Additional Security for Mobile Services

OSIPTEL, the Peruvian regulatory agency for private investment in telecommunications, has made the use of a unique password mandatory for mobile service subscribers. The measure aims to prevent identity fraud and unsolicited mobile service contracting.


  • The Peruvian telecommunications regulatory agency, OSIPTEL, has implemented a new security measure to combat mobile service fraud.
  • As of March 31, 2023, all Peruvian mobile service providers are required to use a unique password to verify the identity of their subscribers.
  • This new security measure is designed to prevent fraudulent practices, such as identity theft and unsolicited subscriptions.

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Peru Implements Additional Security for Mobile Services

Mobile phone service providers in Peru are now required to implement a new security measure to validate the identity of subscribers. The Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (OSIPTEL) has mandated the mandatory use of a unique password as an additional security mechanism for contracting an additional mobile line, replacing a SIM card, or changing the ownership of a mobile service.

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Additional Security to Prevent Fraud

This measure has been implemented to prevent fraud, such as identity theft and unauthorized contracting of mobile services. In 2022 alone, mobile service operators received more than 10,000 queries related to the ownership of mobile services, with Entel (4,472) and Claro (4,379) reporting the highest number of queries, followed by Bitel (940) and Movistar (332).

Unsolicited Contracting of Mobile Services

In the same year, the four largest mobile service operators registered 77,597 claims from subscribers for the unsolicited contracting of mobile services. Movistar received the largest number of claims at 61,126, followed by Claro with 8214, Entel with 7374, and Bitel with 883.

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Usage of Unique Password/Key Going Forward

According to OSIPTEL regulations, mobile service operators must provide a unique password to subscribers and inform them about its use since June 12, 2022.

In addition, since March 31, 2023, using the unique password has been mandatory for three procedures: contracting an additional mobile line, replacing a mobile SIM card, or changing the ownership of a mobile service. Users can also personalize this password.

It is important to note that the unique password does not replace biometric fingerprint verification but is an additional security mechanism to validate subscribers' identity for the abovementioned procedures.

Mobile service users of Bitel, Entel and Movistar can generate unique passwords/keys through self-management applications.

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Password Combination

Each company determines the length and characteristics of the unique password, including whether it contains numbers, letters, and/or special characters. The system implemented by the mobile service operators will not allow their staff to access the password of users under any circumstances.

Users to get Password with New Connections

A person who owns one or more mobile lines under the same mobile service provider will only receive one unique password. If users do not receive this password after a new contract or when requested from their mobile service provider, they can report their case to OSIPTEL to evaluate the actions to be taken and manage the delivery of the password.

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