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Bharti Airtel has announced for a 4G Challenge, a test of download speed using Airtel 4G/LTE mobile connection against the speed of mobile internet services offered by other operators. The challenge, open in four cities — Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata asks people to try the speed at designated centres, using the mobile devices offered at the centres. The challenge will be entirely conducted by an external agency to ensure transparency.


This is a three-step challenge, involving testing and comparing download speeds for: One (1) mp3 song (5MB approx.), one (1) mobile game (50 MB approx.), and one (1) video clip (150MB approx.) on mobile phone network of different operators. Mobile phones and the SIM cards of all operators needed for the challenge will be provided at the event. The winner, who successfully beats the download speed on the Airtel representative’s device for all 3 steps is entitled to a fixed amount of one million, which is estimated as a lifetime usage charges of mobile connection in a normal scenario. The prize will be given within a period of 60 days from winning the challenge.

For participation, people are requested to fill a form online with details such as full name, current and valid mobile phone number, e-mail id, choice of location for participating in the Challenge, current network provider, type of network. Out of the 400 participants expected, 100 participants will be chosen for each city.

The eligible challengers will be chosen within a period of three days from the date of the end of the Campaign Period (6 August 2015 to 2 October 2015) by an independent external agency through a random draw of lots from the registrations received within the Campaign Period for each City. The eligible challengers will be informed about the date and time of challenge, one week in advance.

For eligible challengers who have travelled from their city to the chosen location to take the challenge, Airtel will reimburse the travel cost up to 10,000 per challenger. Each eligible challenger must carry a print out of the selection mail and a valid Photo ID card to enter the venue. More terms and conditions of Airtel 4G challenge can be found here.

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