Orange Jordan Selects Ericsson to Strengthen 5G Core Network in Jordan

This collaboration promises a host of advantages for Orange Jordan, including the integration of innovative use cases like network slicing and accelerated time-to-market for a range of new services.


  • Orange Jordan and Ericsson collaborate to enhance core network infrastructure.
  • Integration of Ericsson's 5G Core and Charging solutions drives seamless 5G Standalone adoption.
  • Partnership aligns with Jordan Vision 2025 for a connected and digital society.

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Orange Jordan Selects Ericsson to Strengthen 5G Core Network in Jordan

Orange Jordan has partnered with Ericsson to integrate Ericsson's cloud-native dual-mode 5G Core and 5G Charging solutions to enhance Orange Jordan's core network infrastructure and facilitate a seamless transition to a 5G Standalone (SA) network. The upgrade is part of Orange Jordan's ongoing commitment to providing its customers with enhanced end-user experience and innovative services, aligning with the nation's vision of a more connected and digital society.

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Orange Jordan Selects Ericsson for 5G

The collaboration aims to enhance Orange Jordan's network infrastructure to improve end-user experiences and facilitate a transition to a 5G Standalone (SA) network. This transition enables innovative use cases like network slicing.

Ericsson's Dual-Mode 5G Core

Ericsson stated that its cloud-native dual-mode 5G Core technology will help Orange Jordan optimize its total cost of ownership (TCO) and smoothly migrate to 5G and 5G SA. The solution provides flexibility, agility, and the ability to introduce new functionalities and perform maintenance updates quickly.

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5G Charging Solutions

Ericsson said Orange Jordan will utilize Ericsson's Charging solution to create an efficient, centralized service environment for 5G subscribers. This will enable Orange Jordan to bring new services to market rapidly and enhance end-user experiences. Ericsson already provides Orange Jordan with charging for 3G and 4G subscribers.

Benefits for Orange Jordan

The partnership with Ericsson will enable Orange Jordan to deliver flexible, scalable, and efficient services to its customers. This aligns with their goal of fostering a more connected and digital society in Jordan.

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Ericsson's Perspective

Ericsson highlights that this collaboration will contribute to building a diversified and digital economy in Jordan. The partnership aims to strengthen the national telecommunications and information technology network in line with Jordan Vision 2025.

Overall, this partnership between Orange Jordan and Ericsson underscores the commitment to advancing Jordan's telecommunications infrastructure and paving the way for a more connected and technologically advanced society.

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