Global Operators Propel LTE and 5G Deployments

GSA's July 2023 report reveals a surge in global LTE and 5G deployments, unveiling key trends and transformative milestones shaping the telecommunications arena.


  • 816 operators globally launch commercial LTE networks, catering to broadband fixed wireless access and mobile services.
  • 434 operators introduce public LTE fixed wireless access services, enhancing global connectivity.
  • 115 operators embrace 5G Standalone technology for public networks, with 41 operators deploying or launching 5G standalone networks.

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Global Operators Propel LTE and 5G Deployments

In its July 2023 report released by the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), a total of 816 operators worldwide have commercially launched public LTE networks, offering broadband fixed wireless access and/or mobile services. Among them, 434 operators have introduced public LTE fixed wireless access services, excluding those that provide only MiFi or dongle services, according to the report summary. Furthermore, a significant number of 786 operators are currently offering public mobile LTE services.

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As of the end of June 2023, the following key trends are reported:

LTE Networks

TDD Spectrum Utilization

About 165 operators have actively embraced TDD spectrum for LTE services, either through deployment or launch.

FDD Spectrum Utilization

Around 602 operators have effectively employed FDD spectrum for LTE services, either through deployment or launch.

LTE-Advanced Technologies

A total of 395 operators are investing in one or more LTE-Advanced technologies. Notably, 351 networks have been identified as launched with LTE-Advanced features.

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5G Networks

GSA has made the following observations in the 5G services

Global 5G Investments

About 535 operators across 162 countries and territories have shown investment activities in 5G networks, spanning a range of efforts from tests and pilots to license acquisitions and both planned and actual deployments.

Commercial 5G Launches

Of this group, 259 operators in 102 countries and territories have successfully launched commercial 3GPP-compatible 5G services, including both mobile and fixed wireless access.

5G Standalone (5G SA) Progress

Regarding 5G standalone networks, 115 operators have been identified as active investors in this technology for public networks. This category includes entities evaluating, testing, piloting, planning, deploying, or those that have already launched 5G standalone networks.

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GSA said it had documented 41 operators that have indeed deployed or launched 5G standalone networks in public domains.

The latest data trends highlight that telecommunications operators worldwide are actively adopting advanced technologies and striving to improve connectivity to offer better services and experiences for their users.

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