Ooredoo Qatar Deploys Ericsson Smart Connected Site Solution for Sustainability

Ooredoo Qatar has deployed Ericsson's Smart Connected Site solution to reduce its carbon footprint. The solution uses multiple sources of energy to reduce reliance on diesel generators and optimize energy usage.


  • Ooredoo Qatar and Ericsson collaborate to reduce carbon emissions with the Smart Connected Site solution.
  • The technology combines lithium-ion batteries, the power grid, and diesel generators for enhanced energy management.
  • Real-time monitoring empowers Ooredoo Qatar to control energy consumption and reduce reliance on diesel generators.

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ooredoo qatar ericsson smart connected site solution
Ooredoo Qatar has partnered with Ericsson to deploy the Ericsson Smart Connected Site solution. According to the announcement made this week, this technology aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions while enhancing energy efficiency within Ooredoo Qatar's network infrastructure.

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Ericsson's Smart Connected Site Solution at Ooredoo Qatar

Ericsson said its Smart Connected Site solution, including Enclosure 6150, will empower Ooredoo Qatar to simultaneously manage various energy sources, including lithium-ion batteries, the traditional power grid, and diesel generators. This hybrid energy management system will play a key role in optimizing the utilization of these energy sources based on their availability.

Real-time Monitoring and Control

In its release, Ericsson highlighted that the Smart Connected Site solution offers real-time monitoring and control capabilities. It collects, aggregates, and communicates data on radio, power, enclosures, site materials, and operating status.

This functionality will assist Ooredoo Qatar in effectively managing and controlling energy consumption, resulting in a significant reduction in reliance on diesel generators and, consequently, a substantial decrease in carbon emissions.

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Aligning with Qatar's Vision 2030

Ooredoo Qatar said the implementation of the Ericsson Smart Connected Site solution is a key step in its sustainability journey, aligning with Qatar's Vision 2030, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2023.

Trial Results

According to the statement, trials involving the hybrid energy management system, which combines power from diesel generators and lithium-ion batteries, have yielded results, resulting in up to 66 percent daily reduction in diesel generator runtime, which translates to a 55 percent decrease in fuel consumption.

This outcome is estimated to equate to a reduction of approximately 3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per month per site and a 50 percent decrease in the number of site visits.

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Ericsson said, "Our innovative solutions reduce the environmental impact of network operations while at the same time enhancing network performance. By leveraging the Ericsson Smart Connected Site solution, and real-time monitoring and control, Ooredoo Qatar will derive significant benefit in its operations. We look forward to working closely with them to deliver a successful deployment in line with Qatar's National Environment and Climate Change Strategy."

With the deployment of sustainable technologies, Ooredoo Qatar and Ericsson continue their collaboration, demonstrating the intersection of technology and environmental responsibility, with plans to further explore the use of renewable energy sources.

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