OnePlus to launch a new smartphone by end of 2015

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OnePlus recently unveiled the OnePlus 2 which it calls the "2016 flagship killer". The company's founder, Carl Pei has now announced that the company will be launching another smartphone by the end of 2015. The top gun just made this statement in an interview in USA. The smartphone may or may not have better specs than the OnePlus 2 according to him but he hasn't disclosed any other details about it.


He also stated that he has seen a prototype of the device and it is good enough to be a "daily driver". What this could mean is that the device may slot in below the current flagship. He also talked about foraying into other businesses other than smartphones. He said that the company tried its hands on a fitness tracker but scrapped it later on. The reason behind it being that it was going against the company’s ethics about an open culture. He said that the company was planning on “working with everyone as partners” and that OnePlus was trying to makes OxygenOS compatible with “everyone’s stuff”.

Carl Pei is of the opinion that the company does not venture into television or smart scale as product categories. A point worth mentioning is that Xiaomi operates in these two categories other than smartphones. OnePlus  believes that “different brands should focus on different things” and this is the reason it won’t venture beyond smartphones. Only time will tell as to how successful this strategy of the company would turn out to be.


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