Oneplus One Indian variant to get Cyanogen OS 12 as OTA update

Cyanogen Boxer Email AppCarl Pei, the co-founder and the global face of OnePlus has confirmed that the Indian users will also be getting the upcoming CM 12S OTA update much like their global counterparts. This news will come as a breath of fresh air for the Indian consumers who bought the phone from Amazon with the India-specific Invite. Earlier Oneplus had a falling out with Cyanogen Inc. who had signed a global deal to provide the operating system for Oneplus One in all countries except for China where the phone ships with Colour OS. The fuss was created when Micromax signed an exclusive deal with Cyanogen Inc. to only provide official OS for its ‘YU’ branded phones in India and not support phones of any other manufacturer officially and Steve Kondik of Cyanogen Inc. stated that this deal with Micromax superseded any of the previous deals signed by them with other device manufacturers leaving Oneplus in a sticky situation.

The Shenzhen-based company was even forced to stop selling the phone for a brief period which was later overturned. After that, OnePlus announced that it is working on its own ROM, the Oxygen OS which will be ready by Q1 of 2015, and Indian users will be moved to this new ROM. Oneplus had confirmed that users who had purchased the phone from outside India will still get the OTA updates and Indian users would have the option of downloading the incremental update file and flashing it manually if they wanted to continue with Cyanogen OS. Few weeks back the owners of the Indian variant of Oneplus One received the OTA update which updated the OS version from XNPH44S to XNPH05Q which indicated that it might also receive Cyanogen OS 12 OTA. This announcement puts all doubts to rest and hints at an out of court settlement between Cyanogen Inc, Micromax and Oneplus. The Lollipop based Cyanogen OS 12 will start officially rolling out as an OTA update from 30th March in a phased manner across the globe.

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