OnePlus Nord to Come With Dual Selfie Camera and Triple Rear Camera Setup

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We all know the kind of impact OnePlus has had in the Indian market. When it initially started selling in India, people didn’t know what to make of the company. There were other competitors like Samsung and Apple, which were pre-established and then OnePlus to come out with its own smartphone was a bold move. But few years down the line, we know how big OnePlus is. Almost everywhere you go, you will find a OnePlus device. It has done exceptionally well with its products. One reason why OnePlus could garner a huge chunk of the Indian market was its cheap pricing model. You know you would look at a OnePlus phone like 5T and analyse its features and then look at its price which was under Rs 40,000 and think, ‘Wow’ is this legit? You put the same features of 5T in a Samsung device and boom, the price would shoot up to Rs 60,000.

OnePlus Nord: the Midrange Smartphone is Here

But recently, OnePlus very cleverly marked its way into the expensive premium smartphone segment. Its latest OnePlus 8 series starts from Rs 42,000 whereas the OnePlus 7 series started from Rs 33,000. At the same time, OnePlus 8 Pro with 12 Gigs of RAM would cost you Rs 60,000, so you get the idea. Three years back, you wouldn’t have thought about OnePlus priced at this range. But you know what, that’s fair. They have been providing immense value with their products and it was only time when they shot the prices up.

Don’t worry though, OnePlus won’t leave its mid-range customers high and dry. They are soon going to come out with a budget mid-range smartphone. You will find smartphones with different names on the internet like OnePlus Z and OnePlus Nord. Before the launch of OnePlus 8 series, it was expected that OnePlus would come out with OnePlus 8 Lite as well which would be the cheaper version of OnePlus 8. But those rumours were put to rest during the launch event.

So, recently OnePlus was tweeting about new beginnings and the same was posted in the OnePlus India Instagram account. But now OnePlus has revealed the name of its new device and it is none other than many people’s expectations — “Nord". Now OnePlus Nord is expected to fulfil the wishes of all the customers looking for a cheaper OnePlus smartphone with the latest specs.It is important to note that OnePlus hasn’t confirmed anything about the smartphone’s specs. Everything that you see in the internet is pure speculation and rumours. So let’s address all the rumours about the device and what the hype is all about.

OnePlus Nord: Expected Specifications and Rumours

One thing is for sure, OnePlus is going to come out with this mid-range smartphone in July. The launch date could be as early as July 10. Qualcomm has confirmed that OnePlus Nord is going to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765. An interesting rumour about this smartphone making rounds in the internet is that it might come out with 12 gigs of RAM. How OnePlus is going to do that, it is something we have to wait and watch.

Now the battery is a very important part of the smartphone. It is expected that OnePlus Nord might come with a 4300mAh battery and a 30W fast charging support. The smartphone is expected to support up to 90Hz of display which won’t be surprising as OnePlus has stepped up its display game lately.

Talking about the camera of the device, OnePlus recently released a teaser of the OnePlus Nord which is showing that the smartphone will have a triple camera setup on the rear and a dual-camera setup in the front for selfies.

Coming to the pricing of the device, the smartphone is expected to be priced under $500. It will all be clear though once the device is launched in India a few days later.

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