Bharti Airtel Expands One Plans with Unlimited Data and Free Xstream Box

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Bharti Airtel has expanded its One Airtel plans that combines multiple services including broadband, landline, postpaid mobile and Direct-to-Home (DTH) services under one bill to Hyderabad. The company in mid-June reportedly had sent notifications to its users about the upcoming launch of One Airtel plans in the city. However, Airtel has now officially added Hyderabad to its One Airtel site. Similar to most other One Airtel cities, Airtel in Hyderabad offers four major One Airtel plans. Crucially, the One Airtel plans in Hyderabad includes unlimited data unlike other cities where the company presents the plans with a fair usage policy (FUP).

One Airtel Plans in Hyderabad Includes Unlimited Data

The company offers four One Airtel plans including One Airtel 899 plan, One Airtel 1349 plan, One Airtel 1499 plan and One Airtel 1999 plan.

The One Airtel 899 plan enables users to combine postpaid mobile services and DTH services into one bill. The postpaid mobile services under One Airtel 899 plan enables users to take one regular SIM and one add-on sim with the operator offering 75GB of data and unlimited local and STD calls. Under the DTH services of the One Airtel 899 plan, the users can add TV channels worth Rs 350 with the plan.

Similar to the base plan, the One Airtel 1349 plan enables users to combine postpaid mobile and DTH services under one bill. However, Airtel enables users of the One Airtel 1349 plan to subscribe to four postpaid connections with one regular SIM and three add-on SIMs. Additionally, Airtel offers One Airtel 1349 plan users to browse high speed data up to 150GB. The DTH services under the One Airtel 1349 plan are identical to the base One Airtel 899 plan.

The One Airtel 1499 plan enables users to combine postpaid mobile services along with fibre and landline services into one bill. While the postpaid mobile services under One Airtel 1499 plan are similar to the base pack, the fibre services enable users to browse unlimited data up to 200 Mbps speed. The company also offers users to make unlimited local and STD calls through its landline services.

The top-tier One Airtel 1999 plan offers users to combine DTH, postpaid mobile services along with fibre and landline services into one bill. While the postpaid mobile services under One Airtel 1999 plan are largely identical to the base plan, Airtel enables users to subscribe to three mobile connections with one regular and two add-on SIMs. The fibre and landline services are identical to the One Airtel 1499 plan. However, the company enables users to add channels worth Rs 424 under its DTH services on the One Airtel 1999 plan. It has to be noted that the fiber services under One Airtel 1499 plan and One Airtel 1999 plan in other cities are offered with an 300GB FUP.

Airtel Set to Expand One Airtel Plans to More Cities

The users subscribing to the One Airtel plans with DTH services are also eligible to receive an Airtel Xstream box worth Rs 3999. However, the company requires users to pay a security deposit of Rs 1500 that the company says would be refunded after 12 months of use. The users returning the Airtel Xstream box before the 12 month period would not be eligible to receive the security deposit. The Airtel Xstream box runs on Android 9 with access to Google Play while Chromecast and Google Assistant are built-in. Airtel also highlights that the users subscribing to One Airtel services are eligible for zero service visit charges for one year from the installation of the Airtel Xstream box.

The company also offers one year complimentary access to Amazon Prime and Airtel Xstream with all One Airtel plans. Additionally, Airtel said that a dual band router and installation would be offered to One Airtel subscribers for no additional cost.

Airtel in May said that the integrated One Airtel plans are offered in 10 cities across India. It has been said that the company has since expanded the One Airtel plans to cover more cities including Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Panchkula, Chandigarh, Mohali, Lucknow, Kharar and Zirakpur. Additionally, the One Airtel plans are also said to be available in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. However, the dedicated One Airtel website currently lists Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad as the cities where One Airtel plans are offered. In its earnings call for the fourth quarter ended March 2020, Gopal Vittal, CEO of Bharti Airtel said that the One Airtel plans will be expanded to additional cities in 2020.

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